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Laevo Exoskeleton: Final Thoughts

Laevo Exoskeleton Final Thoughts

Hi Guys, Philip English from and on this video we are having a look at our final Thoughts for the Laevo Exoskeleton!

The name Laevo comes from the Latin word ‘Levo’ which means enlighten, floating and reducing.  After donning the device I think that the name suits it well. This exoskeleton is enlightened by being task specific.

The problem of lower back pain comes first, and several iterations of the Laevo address it.  The device is both reduced and reducing.

This is a passive exoskeleton; it has no motors or electronics. While bending forward, the Laevo transfers some of the force using straps or harder materials, depending on the version, into gas springs and then into the thigh.

This reduces the activation of the back muscles while bending forward.  A preliminary study has shown a 40% reduction in the activation of the back muscles while wearing the Laevo.  The study monitored the activation of the two major lower back muscles (the Erector Spinae Iliocostalis and Erector Spinae Longissimus) using Electromyography (EMG).

Laevo Exoskeleton with soft straps

  • Very light and comfortable to wear, at least for short durations.
  • Very easy to put on and remove.
  • Provides a sensation of an upward push in the chest and a downward push in the legs while leaning forward.
  • The back feels significantly more relaxed while leaning forward.
  • The gas spring deactivates* during kneeling, crouching or sitting position.
  • Straps’ length can be adjusted in both the vertical and horizontal directions for a custom fit.


  • Walking is slightly hindered.
  • The version presented has issues fitting on women.

Current testing shows an 80% acceptance rate where the customer would use it on a daily basis.

The current price is $2000 but that can be brought down if it is produced in larger volumes.  This price tag puts the Laevo at 2.5 times more expensive than the V22 but still 10 times lower than a tool holding exoskeleton such as Ekso Works or FORTIS.

The company projects that the device would pay for itself after one year of use.

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