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V22 Ergoskeleton – What’s In the Box

V22 Ergoskeleton - Whats in the box

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we doing an unboxing of the V22 Ergoskeleton!

V22 ErgoSkeleton

Use of the StrongArm V22 ErgoSkeleton, in combination with proper ergonomics training, is designed to:

  • Reduce arm fatigue
  • Transfer the load from the upper body to the legs
  • Reduce common lumbar compression back injuries
  • Enforce proper lifting techniques

The behavioral changes in workers may include conformance of proper lifting techniques, such as :

  • Pivoting instead of twisting when turning to the side
  • Positioning body closer to the load
  • Bending at the knees and lifting with legs instead of the back

V22 ErgoSkeleton Unboxing

Video Transcript

Here, we have a box and we’re going to open up because they’ve already, straightaway, we have a little instruction manual. We see the box is well padded, it is a strong device so it should be, should be used to this run around anyway. I’m just going to pull that out and put that box down there, so that’s it in there.

Before we start looking that up, I’ll have a look at exactly what we have, so we have a  little card which tells us how to fit it depending on your size, your height and your waist. We also have a little notebook with the V22 user instructions, which goes through the size 50 adjustments, lifting challenges, general use, hard placements, pre lifting instructions, so she had to lift up things, that’s quite useful for quite handy little notebook for a few workers on the first day on the job.

We have the device and have a look at this. We have opened up the big bag, there we go. It’s reasonably like these things about kilo. There we have it, it looks like a good quality piece of, and good quality device and this is the sort of thing that you need for in inside the warehouses, you can imagine the sort of environment these things are going to go into or all the picture and packers areas.

There is a stringy things going to get more later and other videos. But yes, straight out-of-the-box, it looks like this,  and the device was designed to last, weight about right, looks nice and easy to use as well. I’m very impressed. I think this bits comes with their adjustments, so you can adjust exactly where the pad is depending on your height and size, which is added bonus for comfort.

That’s it, guys! Straight out-of-the-box, the device and we have some guidance around it.

V22 Ergoskeleton – What’s In the Box YouTube: https://youtu.be/-kZy6_GTxIw

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