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V22 Ergoskeleton – Technical Details

V22 Ergoskeleton - Techincal Details

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we are going through the Technical Speciation’s of the V22 Ergoskeleton!

V22 ErgoSkeleton Core Features

  • StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device helps protect workers from many back-related injuries and the physical pain that occurs from improper lifting technique, which can lead to fewer instances of costly medical care and rehabilitation for back injuries. Having real benefits for both the workforce and employers, the StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device is a wise investment for many environments where lifting is part of the job.
  • Device is designed to provide feedback to the wearer and helps wearer maintain proper posture and lifting techniques.
  • Promotion of proper lifting techniques helps reduce the risk of back injury.
  • Device can potentially save workers from needless back pain and injury and can potentially save employers from costly back injury-related expenses

Arc Suspension Arm

The Arc Suspension Arm disperses forces evenly over both of a person’s shoulders to balance the load with reducing over-exertion on the person’s entire body. It guides the load through the cords into the transmission column.

Posture Pads

Ergonomic pads on the transmission column that align with pressure points on a person’s back give sensory feedback to the person’s body, helping to guide it into an upright and appropriate posture, physically keeping the person’s body inline with the natural curvature of their spine.

Transmission Column

The transmission column is a rigid, spine-like member that directs the load from the Cords to stronger, more stable areas around the person’s body. Fully supporting the person’s upper body while shifting the load to the person’s buttocks and legs is an immense benefit of the transmission column.

Hand Clutches + Transmission Cord

Hand clutches secure the load while reducing hand fatigue. Transmission cords set limits that prevent over-reaching and ensure close proximity to the load. Simultaneously, they take the load off of the person’s arms and redistribute it to the person’s lower body through the Arc Suspension System.

Thanks Guys, If you want to see our final thoughts for the V22 Ergoskeleton, please check out my next blog!

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