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V22 Ergoskeleton – See It In Action

V22 Ergoskeleton - See It In Action

Hi Guys, Philip English from and today we are seeing the V22 Ergoskeleton in action!

V22 Ergoskeleton

The human body isn’t designed to endure the physical tolls of unnatural postures and repetitive motions of the workforce. So the patented ErgoSkeleton is a wearable, self powered lifting device that combines the core principles of ergonomics and exoskeletons. The ErgoSkeleton products are aimed to improve human productivity, health, and wellness during active work.

Ergonomics, the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment and Exoskeleton, an external skeleton that provides support for the body. Hence, the name Ergoskeleton.

V22 Ergoskeleton In Action

  1. Put on like normal back- pack , twist to the left and adjust strap, twist the right and do the same
  2. Hand Effector – Explain
  3. The device is use for lifting items below sholder height and they must have some hard edges for the Hand Effector to activate
  4. The device is self powerd and does not give you extra strength, but to increase your safety when you lift
  5. When lifting it is up to the user to find the best balance for the item, so they can grip it accordingly
  6. The are different grips with the first one being the even grip.
  7. You can also use a staggered grip , by lifting one hand closet to your body and the other on the further away corner.
  8. The other grip you can use is the over under Grip, this is when one hand is taking most of the weight, with the other hand on top of the opposite top corner for stability
  9. When you engage the clutch  make sure your elbows are bent 90 degree’s  and extend your arms wide to accommodate the cords
  10. Activate clutch, by pressing down on the clutch, this locks out the cord and you will feel the transfer of the load on to the device
  11. Check cords are not twisted when putting back

Thanks, guys! If you want to see the V22 ErgoSkeleton in action then please check out my next post.

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V22 Ergoskeleton – See It In Action:

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