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V22 Ergoskeleton – Product Review

V22 Ergoskeleton - Product Review

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we are looking at the V22 Ergoskeleton and doing a quick product overview!

V22 ErgoSkeleton

StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device helps protect workers from many back-related injuries and the physical pain that occurs from improper lifting technique, which can lead to fewer instances of costly medical care and rehabilitation for back injuries. Having real benefits for both the workforce and employers, the StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device is a wise investment for many environments where lifting is part of the job.

How V22 ErgoSkeleton work?

In the workplace, employees may use improper postures when lifting objects, which leads to risky lifting techniques. The StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device encourages workers to lift in a manner in accordance with NIOSH and OSHA lifting guidelines, which promote pivoting, knee bending and better body mechanics. The device is designed to remind the wearer to move to a proper lifting position by applying gentle pressure against the wearer’s back.

A Safety Precaution for All Lifters

If a job requires lifting, the StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device should be considered as a vital piece of safety equipment. Workers who have never experienced back problems may wonder why they should wear this device. Maintaining proper lifting techniques can help prevent back problems. Why risk having small lifting errors lead to a lifetime of pain and discomfort? The consequences of back injury range from lowering a person’s quality of life to preventing workers from working in physically demanding jobs.

Reduce Risk for Employers

Workplace back juries are estimated to cost the United States economy billions of dollars a year. A typical back injury requiring care may cost almost $60,000 on average. Back-injury related costs directly impact employers in the form of higher medical and workers compensation insurance rates. Secondary costs may be in the form of reduced productivity due to worker absences or employees working at reduced capacity. Implementing the StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device could result in cost savings for many employers.

Occupations Needing Back Injury Protection

Employers requiring workers to lift objects should consider utilizing this protective accessory. While not limited to these professions, a suggested list of occupations includes industrial workers, material handlers, longshoremen, parcel handlers, sorters, pickers, delivery workers, fork truck drivers and warehouse workers.

StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device is durably constructed for workplace environments.

The StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device is made of rugged plastics to handle the rigors of the workplace.

Using Science as the Bottom Line of Good Design, the StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device combined the science of ergonomics and exoskeletons to design a system aimed at improving human productivity, health and wellness during active work.

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