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V22 Ergoskeleton – How To Set It Up

V22 Ergoskeleton - How To Set It Up

Hi Guys, Philip English from and today we are looking at how we setup your V22 Ergoskeleton!

V22 ErgoSkeleton Waist Size

3 different sizes:

  • Small (27” – 33”)
  • Medium (34” – 41”)
  • Large (42” – 51”)

V22 ErgoSkeleton Spine Column Adjustment

V22 Ergoskeleton comes with 6 different settings with

  • 1 – User below 5’6
  • 2-  5’7” – 5’8”
  • 3 – 5’9” – 5’10”
  • 4 – 5’11” – 6’0”
  • 5 – 6’1” – 6’2”
  • 6 – 6’2” onwards

How to set V22 ErgoSkeleton Spine Column

  1. To adjust the ErgoSkeleton Column hold the device in your hand.
  2. Place your opposite hand on the top of the device and put your palm over Lumbar plate with your thumb on the slider button.
  3. Keeping your palm on the plate, flip the ErgoSkeleton over and look in the Eye Hole.
  4. Adjust the Spine so the Eye Hole displays your sizing index number.
  5. Using your thumb, push the slider in.
  6. While the slider is pushed in, adjust the spine to match the appropriate sizing index number.

Video Transcript

I’m probably size 2, I’m 5’8, there we go. So, these come off to fix your, depending on the size, you actually need a second person to give you  a hand when setting this up to actually get these place in the right spots on your back, but I will leave it there,  it is a default setting.

Get it around your waist, you should have and maybe this once there, there we go. Simply do it up. You can adjust the size there to make it a little bit tighter if you need to, then you also have the straps here, just strap up nice and easily. I can feel the pressure on my back already. So there’s the weight supporting device putting these two a little bit tighter and then obviously, we also have these little devices, and these are called the hand effectors and the hand clutch. I’ll show you more on how these actually work in my action video but as you can see, they’re quite easy to fit into my arm, my hand, between these two fingers. Let’s put the other one on, these are called the hand effectors, you can see they can come up and down, must be some sort of pulley system there. Basically, what happens is when I go down and pick up a box, I then have this little device here, which is the hand clutch, you hit that and that locks out the string so that’s what’s taking the weight for you, come down there, you put the box you’ll be carrying, put the pressure on it lock the string, you can see they’re lock now. Therefore, loosen, I still got extra length. It is quite handy to have.

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