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Unibo Interview

Unibo Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from Robophil.com and on this video we are doing an Interview with Taku Sakai from Unirobot Corporation and their robot Unibo! We managed to speak to Hironori at the IREX 2015 Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Unibo is a next-generation social robot, and was born in order to support the promotion and busy interaction life between families. The robot can recognise an individual personality & conversations with each family member, and can make it possible to respond to each individual differently depending on who he is speaking too, so he is prompted as a true family member.

Unibo is a faithfully friend. He learns your individual taste, preferences and lifestyle habits, and is also the world’s first robot that adapts to the users’ preferences. Unibo is looking great and getting set to be released in July 2016!

Philip: Hi guys, Philip English with another interview and we’ll get this gentleman here to introduce himself and a little bit about his new robot. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your company.

Taku: I’m Taku Sakai, I’m the President of the UNIROBOT CORP. this corporation has created the smart robot and also the Artificial Intelligence, A/I so we create these robots as the first robots in the world.

Philip: And so what does the robot do, so I can see it’s quite a small robot, sits on the table so what’s it’s uses?

Taku: This is for family robot so it’s like a companion robot and it understands your language and understands your character, hobby, your favorites, your lifestyle.So it understands all these stuff and he can recommend you a solution so you don’t have to go thru google and search for what you want and he understands what you like so if you feel sad and if you are not healthy he can understand myself and he gives the solution for the healthy food.

Philip: Oh ok so how does he tell that you’re sad or unhappy? Does it tell it by your voice or the way you are moving?

Taku: Yes my voice with the speech itself. I have to say I’m sad or I have to say I’m not feeling well.

Philip: Ok make sense. So tell me a little bit more about the actual technology in the robot? I’m guessing it got a vision sensor, sonar sensors and all sort of sensors

Taku: Sensors? he has lot of sensor and it can control TV and also it can turn off the lights so all the control stuff is inside of this robot

Philip: And can you like remotely access him so maybe if you’re at work and connect to the home can you remotely access it?

Taku: Yes exactly if you are outside your home if you have UNIBO application inside your smartphone you can just control and you can remotely access this robot.

Philip: Brilliant! Now that sounds interesting, so is it a commercial product yet? so are you actually selling this around like Japan?

Taku: Yeah in Japan for next July 2016

Philip: Ok 2016 in July, ok that sounds good. Have you have any idea about the rough so price for one of this in Yen?

Taku: We’re thinking about Y10000

Philip: Ok that’s fair enough, so what is that about a $100

Taku: Sorry $1000.

Philip: Ok that sounds good. and I’m guessing it comes with games as well?

Taku: Yeah if you have UNIROBOT Application and educational application inside so usually for children so if you wanna study mathematics or science you can download from the store and the children can learn from this robot.

Philip: So it’s an educational tool as well, so you said about store is it a store that will constantly developing new application and constantly growing?

Taku: Yeah like a google store we are going to apply all the third party and then they can develop unique application and then you can sell outside

Philip: Oh yeah we’ve seen this quite a lot like you have applications on the store and then have a code that comes along and its own application and sell it to people, its very smart so you gotta buy hardware and the software. That’s very intelligent. Ok so the future you say its going to release in July 2016 and then see what you guys are actually up to then. So this is version 1 is there a version 2 that’s gonna come out, like what’s the future?

Taku: Yeah this is version 1 and version 2 will be in 2017 or 18 so we are going to produce this robots outside Japan. We’re going to Europe and Asia. This also has video conference and you can take pictures, all the social functions are inside in this robot.

Philip: Ok, Yeah social functions, suppose you go home it sits on your table you can speak to it and it can interact with it. It looks like a brilliant robot. Thanks very much of your time!

Taku: Thank you very much. looking forward to introducing this robot to the world.

Brilliant! Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to  Taku Sakai  from Unirobot Corporation, for his time and  the interview.

If you want to learn more about the Unibo I have put in links below, for your review.

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Thanks Guys! And I will see you next time.

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