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Ubtech Robotics Interview

Ubtech Robotics

Hi, guys! Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we have an interview with the guys from Ubtech Robotics, who are telling us about Alpha 1.


Philip English – Right, hi guys, it’s Philip English here, 2016 InnoRobo. We’re at another stand, and we got three lovely, new robots to show you. We’ve got a gentlemen here who’s gonna introduce himself, and he’s gonna tell us a little bit more about these robots, so yep, can you introduce yourself please to the audience?

Adrian – Sure, I’m Adrian, I’m working with a French distributor of UBTECH, which is the brand who has been creating these robots. There are three different type of robots that we sell. Actually the first one here is Jimu. It’s a constructable robot for kids to learn how to deal with robots and programming.

Philip English – Okay.

Adrian – Alpha 1 is a humanoid robot built with 16 servos motors, and also have a great interface for programming, and for kids to learn how to program.

Philip English – Okay.

Adrian – And Alpha 2 will be released next October.

Philip English – Right.

Adrian – And will be dedicated to the connected house to control all the connected objects. It will be able to recognize its owners and everything.

Philip English – Okay, I mean this is quite good. So these two are out. This one and Alpha 1 are out are the moment. This one is out towards the end of the year.

Adrian – Yep.

Philip English – So this is gonna go in the house to work with all of like your remote house devices, but these two are on the education side. Is UBTECH looking to build a fourth one as well? Because I can see that they’re getting bigger as well. Is the next one–

Adrian – Yeah actually they have, they want to build a human sized robot, which will be dedicated to helping disabled people and elder people.

Philip English – Okay.

Adrian – But I don’t have a lot of information about that.

Adrian – I’m sorry.

Philip English – Okay, no, no, no that’s fine, that’s fine, it’s fine. So software-wise, I think you were saying earlier that one of them’s gonna have a scratch plugin release soon.

Adrian – Yeah.

Philip English – Is that the smaller one?

Adrian – For the Jimu robot, and it will be released in December.

Philip English – Okay, right, December time. What sort of price range are these products?

Adrian – For that Jimu, you have two different boxes. The smaller one, which allow you to construct the penguin is about 200 Euros. The big one will be 400 Euros with twice the number of servo motors.

Philip English – Oh, so there’s two different types of Jimus?

Adrian – It’s two different types.

Philip English – Right, okay.

Adrian – This is the small box, which allows you to build the penguin.

Philip English– Right.

Adrian – And this is the big one who allows you to build more developed robots like a rhino, elephants and everything.

Philip English – Right.

Adrian – This one at 200 Euros.

Philip English – 200 Euros.

Adrian – The big one’s 400 Euros.

Philip English – 400 Euros, okay.

Adrian – For Alpha 1, it’s already for sale at 500 Euros.

Philip English – 500, okay.

Adrian – And Alpha 2 will be available at 800 Euros in October.

Adrian – In October time.

Philip English – Yeah.

Philip English – Okay, So yeah it sounds like you guys have got a good sort of range of robots. Does the software work between all the same robots, or is it a different type of platform for each one?

Adrian – You’ll have a dedicated application for each robot, but the PC and Mac software for Alpha 1S will be also, will be the same that for the one for Alpha 2.

Philip English – Right, okay yeah so that make sense. Okay, no that’s brilliant. So what I’ll do guys is I’ll put some links for you, so you guys can see, find out a bit more information about this robot. So and yeah, thank you very, very much for your time.

Adrian – You’re welcome.

Philip English – Thank you.

Ubtech Robotics: https://www.ubtrobot.com

Ubtech Robotics YouTube: https://youtu.be/8mU0gueHVzI

Philip English: https://philipenglish.com

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