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Suzhou Pangolin Robot

Suzhou Pangolin Robot

Hi, guys! Philip English from and today we have an interview with the guys from Suzhou Pangolin Robot, who are telling us about CSJBOT.

Philip English: Hi guys, 2019 [inaudible 00:00:02] show, it’s Philip English. I’m just going around each stand and just doing a quick interview, just getting to know all the latest robot tech, really. So I’ve actually got some questions today, which is quite different for me. So if you can let me know your name first of all.

Huo Xiang Ting: Hi, my name Huo Xiang Ting.

Philip English: Okay, thank you, thank you.

Huo Xiang Ting: Thank you, thank you.

Philip English: And then, and you work for?

Huo Xiang Ting: I work for Pangolin Robot Japan.

Philip English: Okay. Okay. And these guys have a whole mix of different robots here. We’ve got ones that like a moving trolley. One’s a sort of a humanoid, but all around the restaurant industry. And we’ve also got a security robot with these guys. So they’re all around sort of the mobile transport, sort of hotel security, the full piece, really. So how many robots have you sold across the world?

Huo Xiang Ting: So we sold to Europe, Germany, and Japan, and Indonesia, American and Australia.

Philip English: Australia. Okay. So all around the world, then?

Huo Xiang Ting: All around the world. 40 countries.

Philip English: So 40 countries. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So we have a number of different robots here. We got the Amy robot, the Alice robot, Snow robot, and the one behind us is called Acre. So first of all, let’s have a look at the Amy robot.

Huo Xiang Ting: This one is Amy.

Philip English: Amy, okay.

Huo Xiang Ting: She’s delivery.

Philip English: Delivery. So she looks like a waitress. So, she can carry the food around to people. So, restaurants, hotels. Okay, okay.

Huo Xiang Ting: Next one, Alice.

Philip English: Alice.

Huo Xiang Ting: Alice can communication with …

Philip English: Okay, and is that another Amy?

Huo Xiang Ting: Amy Plus.

Philip English: Amy Plus? Okay. Because it’s got a screen.

Huo Xiang Ting: So, the screen.

Philip English: Screen on the front. Okay. So what does the security robot do?

Huo Xiang Ting: He can 24 hours around buildings and street.

Philip English: Okay.

Huo Xiang Ting: And parking.

Philip English: Parking, as well, yeah?

Huo Xiang Ting: School.

Philip English: And schools, as well. Okay. And then how does it work? Is it must be a different technology compared to Amy? Is it like GPS or is it laser scanners?

Huo Xiang Ting: GPS navigation. Navigation.

Philip English: Okay. Yep. Okay. So for the security, right, well, we’ve got GPS and we got a navigation system. So again, it’s got all the safety components and the idea is that goes around the building, obviously, to the tech schools and colleges, hotels, airports, sort of, et cetera. So, like on that side. And hospitals as well?

Huo Xiang Ting: Hospital.

Philip English: Hospital, as well, yeah? Okay. So, I’ve also had a quick look at the software. So, it’s slammed based system and, yeah. All their robots work the same way, I would say, apart from the security robot, which I believe is a different system, but the guys seems to have a good mix. I think that they’ve also got a floor cleaning robot. And then, what’s this?

Huo Xiang Ting: This one is Domo. Domo.

Philip English: Tomo.

Huo Xiang Ting: Domo.

Philip English: Right. Okay. What does he do?

Huo Xiang Ting: She can sing, dancing and speak to the camera with the child’s parents.

Philip English: Right. So it’s like a parent. So, it can sit by the child and it can speak, internet, and it’s like a phone. It’s like a phone, as well. Yeah. Okay.

Huo Xiang Ting: Knowledge, knowledge.

Philip English: Knowledge. Yeah, yeah. Knowledge. Is it linked to Google, so I can ask it questions? Yeah.

Huo Xiang Ting: Ask her a question.

Philip English: You can ask questions.

Huo Xiang Ting: And communication.

Philip English: And communication. Right. Okay. Oh, he’s cute. He’s cute. I quite like him. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll put him up to the camera. That’s him there. So we get some pictures. Okay. Okay.

Huo Xiang Ting: Thank you.

Philip English: Yeah, no. It’s a very good array of robot that you have here.

Huo Xiang Ting: Thank you.

Philip English: Okay. No, I think that’s good. I think that’s a very good, quick interview with the company. So, obviously, keep an eye out for these guys. And I thank you very much the interview.

Huo Xiang Ting: Thank you.

Philip English: Very good. Thank you.


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