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Segway Advance Personal Robot | Robot That Inspects Suitcases | Clothes-folding Robot

Segway Advance Personal Robot Robot That Inspects Suitcases Clothes-folding Robot

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Segway Advanced Personal Robot

The latest Segway could be about to change as Intel and Ninebot partner to create a self-balancing robot which becomes a voice-recognising pal at the touch of a button, so when you’re not riding it around town, it turns into an adorable mini robot butler.

The Ninebot Segway can be ridden like a handleless Segway, holding it steady between your legs, travelling up to 30km at speeds of up to 18kph. On arriving at the destination, the transportation device turns into a self-balancing robot, with a screen for a head, and arms.

The robotics platform, developed by Intel and Xiaomi-backed robotics startup Ninebot, which bought Segway in April last year, is capable of sensing its surroundings, recognising objects, people and voices and can be extended to perform a variety of other tasks through a development kit.

The little rolling robot can follow you around, has been shown sending video and taking pictures of its owners, carrying supplies and shopping, all while peering out at the world with two glowing circles for eyes.

The device is part of a new collaborative open robotics development platform powered by Intel’s Atom and RealSense chips and cameras. A developer kit will be available in the second half of 2016, with a commercial version released at a later date.

Robot that inspects suitcases 

German researchers have developed a robot that is able to look at a suspicious suitcase and instantly tell whether there might be a bomb inside it, thus taking away the need for emergency services and police to get close to danger zones.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques FHR in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany have spent 14 months developing special sensors for military grade robots that can be remotely-controlled by bomb disposal engineers from a safe distance.

He sensors provide the robot with the ability to monitor its environment to make a full 3D survey of the crime scene, while its high-resolution digital camera takes photos. At the same time, a millimetre wave scanner scans the suspicious object and creates 3D images of what’s inside.

Then all of the data collected is sent via the embedded computer on the robot back to the laptops of the bomb disposal engineers so that they can assess the danger, which not only keeps first responders safe from suspicious items that could blow up at any time, but also makes it faster to gather information and make crucial decisions.

Laundroid, a clothes-folding machine robot

Put down that crumpled pile of clothes, a robot that can fold your laundry is coming soon to a closet near you.

Built by Japanese company, Seven Dreamers, Panasonic, and Japanese homebuilder Daiwa House, Laundroid was unveiled at an international technology trade show in early October.

According to the Seven Dreamers website, it could free up a lifetime’s worth of time wasted on folding clothes — about 375 days total.

Though, It’s not quite there yet. To use the laundry-folding robot, you first have to individually load the garment in the slot. The robot then uses image recognition software to determine what the garment is and how it should be folded. Four minutes later, the slot opens and a previously crumpled shirt is perfectly folded.

  While four minutes sounds like a lot, it’s four minutes you get to go do something else entirely. And, according to CNET, Seven Dreamers plans to release the full version of Laundroid in 2020. With the full version, just load a pile of washed and dried laundry, and the machine would be able to sort, fold, and deposit the folded clothes into a drawer.

The mechanisms behind the folding is top-secret. Shin Sakane, the CEO of Seven Dreamers, has said.

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