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Robosoft Service Robots Interview

Robosoft Service Robots Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from Robophil.com and on this video we are doing an Interview with Alexandre Blanc from Robosoft.

We managed to speak to Alexandre at the InnoRobo 2016 Robot Exhibition in Paris, France.
As a pioneer of mobile robotics, Robosoft has carried out many trials and developments, contributing to the development of mobile robotics in general. These developments, leading to prototypes and concept robots, helped us to refine our knowledge and propose the best solutions to our customers.

Philip: Hi, guys. It’s Philip English at Innorobo 2016 and we are at the Robosoft stand and I’ve got a gentleman here who is gonna introduce himself and we learn a little more about what Robosoft are up to do so can you introduce yourself? and tell me a little bit more about the company

Alex: Hello! My name is Alexandre Blanc, I am the CEO for Robosoft Service Robots. Our company is mostly dedicated to distributing, building and selling autonomous vehicles for goods transportation and our main area of interest is the hospital logistics but we also have application in industries or this kind of environment

Philip: Okay. Thank you very much. So from what I’ve seen you actually do a whole host of different robots. You’ve got one like this which is basically like a platform and then you’ve got other robots which I believe that carry trolleys around. Is that right?

Alex: Yeah. We have basically three different products. This one called the Engy, the light one. It’s dedicated to take little loads from one point to the other and we have two other products which are used for heavy duties, for heavy trolleys. One is like a stacker, called Stacy, and the other one can go under a trolley and take it.

Philip: And what is the weight? This one I believe is like 250 kilos

Alex: No. Not that much. It can take about 30 kilos.

Philip: The other robots?

Alex: The other one, can take up to 400 kilos

Philip: 400 kilos. Okay. So how the robots map it out? Is it that you have one robot that goes around the warehouse, laser scans everything and then you have a map or is there another system involved for that?

Alex: Actually, you do the map once, at the first day you start the installation, you come with one robot and take it all around the hospital or the warehouse and it takes the map, to record the map and you have it inside the robots and you can take this one, for all the other robots

Philip: Right. I see. And then what about different floors like getting up a lift to a different floor

Alex: This is something that is really not difficult to take care about, so just a matter of how you managed the maps, at the end you have many maps, as many floors and you just have to be aware on which floor you are on

Philip: You guys have a solution how, like you would go to hospital and you will recommend few different products for depending on the type of hospital and then you come in there and build the full right solution for them

Alex: But it will start from beginning with defining their needs to the end that they have all installation running on its own

Philip: And you are a French company?

Alex: Yeah. We are a French company based in southwest of France not very far from Spain.

Philip: Okay. Then all of the robots are manufactured in France or are they manufactured abroad?

Alex: They are manufactured in France so far but we have many suppliers in France, in Spain and mostly in Europe

Philip: Okay. That’s good. I mean thanks for the overview. I mean what we will do is we keep an eye on you guys to see how things are developed so pretty like. Thank you very much for your time.

Alex: Thank you very much too.

Brilliant! Thanks, Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Alexandre from Robosoftfor his time and the interview.
If you want to learn more about the Robosoft, I have put in links below, for your review.

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