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Kinova JACO Robot Arm Product Review

Welcome! On this video we are doing a product review for the Kinova JACO Robot Arm.

So if you want to learn how this light weight robotic arm is assisting people with upper-body disability, then please stay tuned.

Hi guys! Philip English here from robophil.com.


Now on this video we are looking into the Kinova Robotics – JACO Robot.

Kinova is a Canadian company engaged into the design and manufacture of innovative solutions in the field of personal robotics. The team of experts at Kinova is dedicated to offer practical robotic platforms solving real and concrete problematic of daily life, especially in rehabilitation.

JACO was launched in 2009, and is a six-axis robotic manipulator arm with a three-fingered hand. This little marvel of engineering significantly improves the lives of persons with reduced mobility by assisting anyone with an upper body mobility impairment to perform complex actions.

JACO is named after one of the founder’s uncle, who was an inventor and built an early robotic arm himself.

JACO currently has two editions, JACO Rehab and JACO Research.

JACO Rehab is an assistive robot arm for upper body disabled persons in power wheelchair. Its unique features will help an individual push the boundaries of their limitations, and better equip them to live in this world with its obstacles.

JACO Research is the lightweight robot that sets the standard in service robotic manipulation. light, compact and power efficient , this plug-and-play manipulator paves the way for brand new robotics applications.

Kinova has also recently released another robot called MICO.

The little brother of JACO, which is offering a complete research solution at a much lower price.

The JACO is around 25 to 30 thousand pound mark where the MICO is closer to the 15 thousand pound mark

To quickly run through the specs,

It’s got adapted control – it could be integrated to almost all the models and configurations of power wheelchair’s controls.

Light-Wight – it’s only 5.7 kilograms. This means that it won’t affect the stability of the power wheelchair and that it will be easy to handle by those around you.

Easy Installation – the arm can be easily installed onto a power wheelchair or a table as well. Once the arm has been installed, the chair’s wheelbase remains the same.

The Payload of the JACO – Its got a maximum load of 1.5 kilograms at mid-range and 1 kilo when fully extended, which is ideal for lifting everyday objects.

Its hand, with its three flexible fingers,can easily and safely handle everyday objects.

It is completely weatherproof so it can be used inside or outside. Resistant to the same conditions as the power wheelchair.

Its Carbon fiber structure makes the product extremely strong and light-weight.

It has low energy consumption. It is directly powered by the battery of the motorized wheelchair. Once connected, it only consumes about the same energy as a light bulb.

The reach of the JACO is 90 centimeters. When installed into the motorized wheelchair, it can pick up an object from the floor or it can reach an object from a high shelf.

Silent and Discreet, Its fluid and precise movements are almost completely silent, thus ensuring a remarkable discretion.

Now for the research around JACO. The JACO arm has been put through trials with eight persons aged 7 to 21 years old.

Clinical observations were made during the sessions of familiarization, control skills and daily life activity situations.

Results of the study reveal that when the robotic arm was used, for an average of 22 different situations, 70 percent of the time, the accomplishment level of the life habits reached to a level of “No Human Assistance Required”.

The greatest increase in the independence was observed in the nutrition, home activities, self-care communication and all of the participants improved their control skills.

On the business side of the Kinova, they were ranked 51st by the PROFIT Magazine on their annual PROFIT 500, the ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.

The PROFIT 500 evaluates business in all sectors on five-year revenue growth, meaning that each company on the list has:

  1. Proven itself viability
  2. found a stable and scalable group of customers. and
  3. sustained growth for longer than many companies even exist

Building on its success, Kinova intends to pursue and further its research and development of robotic products designed to make life easier for persons with mobility limitations.

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