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Boston Dynamics Big dog Robot Product Review

Boston Dynamics Big dog Robot Review

Welcome and on this video we are doing a product review on the Boston Dynamics Big Dog robot. So if you want to see how this robot beastie is helping the military in security in the streets then please stay tuned.


Hi guys I’m Philip English from Now on this video we are looking into the Big Dog by Boston Dynamics.

Big Dog is a dynamic quadruped robot that walks, runs and can carry heavy payload of about upto 150kg or 340lbs.

The robot is capable of walking on rubble, mud, snow, water, ice and slopes of upto 35 degrees. And works as a pack mule to assist soldiers in carrying gear.

You can even kick the robot and the robot beastie won’t even notice.

Boston Dynamics, led by Marc Raibert, started developing big dog in 1995 with funding from darpa.

The goal was to build an unmanned legged vehicle with rough-terrain mobility superior to the existing wheeled and track vehicle.

The idea of system which how anywhere a person or animal could go using their legs.

Run from many hours at a time and carries its own fuel and payloads.

Boston Dynamics built and tested several versions of the Big Dog.

In 2011, the company announced that it was developing a bigger, stronger quadruped, called Alpha Dog.

Let’s run through some of the features of the Big Dog.

The Big Dog is powered by an engine that drives a hydraulic actuating system.

The robot has four legs that articulate like animals with complimentary element to absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next.

Big Dog has a size of a large dog or a small mule, about 3ft long, 2.5ft tall and weighs about 240lbs.

It also has a tops speed of 7 miles an hours.

Big Dog’s on-board computer, which is the PC/104 board, a pentium 4 class CPU, controls locomotion, processes sensors and handles communication with the user.

Big Dog’s control system, which is acute and has a realtime OS keeps it balance, manages locomotion on a wider range of terrain and has a navigation.

Sensors for locomotion includes joint position, joint force, ground contact, ground load, gyroscope, a LIDAR and a stereo vision system.

Other sensors focus on the internal state of the Big Dog, so monitoring the hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, engine functions, battery charge and others.

And here is my big dog. There he is! there he is, he got a little happy.

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed the whole video of the Big Dog.

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