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Robopec Interview

Robopec Interview

Hi guys I’m Philip English from now on this video we did a quick interview with Lenny Guendouz from robopec.

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing a quick Interview with Lenny from Robopec .

We managed to speak to Lenny Guendouz  at the Innarobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon. 

Robopec is a young, innovative company specialized in robotics and software developments. Robopec designs and sells Reeti a PC bot which combines the worlds of PC and communication robotics.

With this 15 degrees of freedom Reeti could achieve a multitude positions, expressions and emotions. Reeti is the development platform for researches.

Alright! Hi guys! I’m Philip English again so we are here now with Reeti , the robot speaking to me in the background so what were gonna do is just get a quick overview and introduction so can you introduce yourself and the company.

Lenny: I’m Lenny Guendouz, the sales manager of the Robopec company. It’s a French robotic company located in the Les Plages. We work on this project since 2009 and now is the Reeti v2.0 so we have some new application new design and we hope the people like it.

Philip: Okay! So its got how high is the different specifications so can you run through what Reeti has got, like spec wise.

Leeny: Okay! So in the Reeti, we have two mobile eyes, we have two camera, two big earphone, flexive and touch sensitive skins. We have two leds. And all the parts are animated the mouth, the eyes, the LED, the ears and the neck.

Philip: So how do the ears work so they twist around? So something like that all that. So does Reeti actually hear you? Does he so like can you speak to Reeti?

Lenny: Not for the moment. And as the company called API. For the moment he can speak to people, he can detect people in front of it to give message, video , quiz, survey whatever you want.

Philip: Okay. So what sort of applications have we seen, I remember I speak to you before about he can go to school? or special needs school or stuff like that. So what sort of applications can be used?

Lenny: The Reeti can be used like a communication tools for the company, for the inerest of the company, the tech people, the broadcast information then the people can control Reeti with the an iPad and tablets and drive more information extra but it also an open development platform so we can download, project compatible human and for example, develop project, Reeti is placed at the entrance of the hospital. When the kid come to hospital hospital we give it an iPad, with a little virtual game he can control Reeti and with some question, we can have information about the who children is? And to know if he need water, if he’s stressed , exhausted and when we did that to critical the information transmit to the employee of the hospital to give out to the children.

Thanks Guys! And I will see you next time.


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