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Hi, guys! Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we have an interview with Faisal, who are telling us about RoboCARE Lab.


Philip English – Right. Hi guys. Innorobo 2016. We’re here with a gentleman that’s gonna introduce his company, which is Robocare, and he’s gonna tell us a little bit about his products, one being a telepresence product, and another one being Milo. So can you introduce yourself and tell me a little bit more about your company?

Faisal – Hi, my name is Faisal, and Robocare Lab is a French-based company. We have plan, by the way, to extend in UK, and we develop a full range of services to improve the lives of people. So our range of services is named PRESENCE+ and it includes services to help autistic kids to better communicate and for that we use Milo. Milo is manufactured in the US and it includes over 120 lessons to develop the capabilities of kids with autism to better communicate.

Philip English – All right, okay. So this is Milo to the right of you. So the lessons are all to do with autism, really. To help the kids speak better, or visualize better, I suppose. How long and how old is the company?

Faisal – The company has been created one year ago, but we have been working off the rider for roughly over two years now.

Philip English – Right, two years development. So, you’ve got Milo, so that’s one of your products for the autism side. So the other product you’ve got is to do with telepresence. So can you tell us a little about this one?

Faisal – Yeah, mobile telepresence. It’s a great services that we are deploying in different segments. One of them, of course, is the retirement homes. We think that a lot of families today are living away from their grandparents. In France, or even in UK, you have millions of citizens who are living abroad, and I think it’s very important for everybody to visit their grandparents. To support the only member of the family who is living next to the grandparents, who is doing the whole job. And we plan through PRESENCE+ Visitor, to offer the services we have already deployed in few retirement homes already in France, where the families can go onto our gateway, PRESENCE+ Visitor, book a slot, and then it is validated by the retirement homes, and then the family can visit the families using SAM. We name it SAM, for System Audio Mobile, and they can move around, just like with a feeling to be there. Yeah, you know when you call your Grandma over Skype, it will last three minutes. With SAM, I think you can stand over 30 minutes and it’s like a real visit. You can really come with your Grandma to the restaurant or the retirement homes and visit her.

Philip English – Right, okay. And that’s the senior level, but I remember you speaking earlier that you’ve also got some new sort of levels, like a campus level, is that the next one?

Faisal – Yeah, we are very pleased to announce that we are launching next week PRESENCE+ Campus. It will be announced actually next week in the press, working with one of the top 20 worldwide MBA business schools, where PRESENCE+ Campus will allow some students who are living abroad, or teachers to be present in the campus through SAM.

Philip English – Right, brilliant, brilliant. So it sounds like you guys are sort of like the integrators. You take a product, whether it’s telepresence or Milo, and then you integrate it so it works for the end user, for the actual customer, so yeah.

Faisal – Yes, exactly. Our main focus is to take products who are very reliable. If you look at SAM, it is named Beam in the US, and Beam is already present in thousands of units in the corporate world. So Milo is already present in 200 hospitals or schools in US, so we take the progress of robotics with something very reliable and we bring new services where we can supply a region key solutions with the hardware, with the software, with the whole integration solution, to make it easy. To make it easy for the people.

Philip English – For the end user. So, what’s next then? So you’ve got the two products here. Is there something else that you guys are starting to look into, or?

Faisal – Yeah, I mean PRESENCE+ has a lot of other opportunities. I mentioned PRESENCE+ Visitor for the retirement homes. We are launching PRESENCE+ Senior for the old people living alone at home, to facilitate the communication with the family, and to check that everything is going fine. We are planning, so PRESENCE+ launch in, I will say, a nice hotels or bar, to facilitate communication with colleagues and friends, and we have also other plans in our mind that we will be launching in the next month.

Philip English – All right, brilliant, brilliant. Okay, no that’s brilliant. I mean that’s a brilliant overview of your company Robocare, and I think it’s given us a good insight to where you guys are going, and you said you’re coming to the UK soon. Is that right, or?

Faisal – Yeah, I mean London actually. I am very pleased to be invited at the London Founder Forums, that will take place mid-June, by the way. And I’m also invited by the National Autistic Society where we’ll be presenting Milo to 10 Head of Schools in charge of autistic kids, and we have also planned to deploy our PRESENCE+ services opening as soon as possible at GV in London. Hopefully we’ll get some investors by the way, in UK, to starting deploying in the UK market.

Philip English – Okay, that’s brilliant, that’s brilliant. Right, what I’ll do guys, is I’ll put loads of links so you can find out where to find these guys, and yeah I thank you very, very much for the interview.

Faisal – Thank you, very much. Much appreciated.


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