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Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot Review

Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot Review

Welcome, and on this video we are doing product review for the Rethink Robotics, Baxter Robot! So if you want to see how this smiley two armed Robot is becoming part of the workforce and working with humans, in full production environments, then please stay tuned.Hi Guys, I’m Philip English from, now on this video we are looking in to the Baxter Robot by Rethink Robotics.


For decades, manufacturers have had very few cost-effective options for
handling low volume, high mix production jobs. This is No longer.

Meet Baxter – the safe, flexible, affordable alternative to outsourced
labor and fixed automation.

Leading companies across North America have already integrated Baxter
into their workforce, and gained a competitive advantage for their business
in the process.

Baxter is a proven solution for a wide range of tasks – from line loading and
machine tending, to packaging and material handling.

If you walk the floor of your facility and see lightweight parts being handled
near people, you’ve likely just found a great job for Baxter.

The world’s first interactive production robot is ready to get to work for
your company – doing the monotonous tasks that free up your skilled
human labor to be exactly that.

The Key Benefits of Baxter are:

One, Safe, by Design:- Baxter is safe to operate next to in production
environments, without the need for caging – saving money and valuable
floor space.

Two, Easily Integrated:- Baxter deploys quickly and connects seamlessly to
other automation – often without third party integration.

Three, Trained, Not Programmed:- With Baxter, no traditional programming is
required. Instead, it’s manually trainable by in-house staff, reducing the
time and cost of third party programmers.

Four, Adaptive:- Baxter’s compliant arms and force detection let it adapt to
variable environments, ‘feeling’ anomalies and guiding parts into place.

Five, Flexible & Re-deployable:- Baxter is flexible for a range of applications
and re-trainable across lines and tasks. Baxter can be repurposed quickly
across jobs, often delivering an ROI in under a year.

Six, Affordable & Extensible:- Baxter’s $25,000 base price is feasible for
SMEs, and its performance keeps improving through regular software

Some of the Applications for Baxter could include, but not limited to, Kitting, Packaging, Loading and Unloading, Machine Tending, Material Handling, and a few of the Accessories are the Vacuum Cup Grippers, For to pick up a wide range of objects, especially if they’re smooth, non-porous or flat. Electric Parallel Grippers, to pick up rigid and semi-rigid objects of many shapes and sizes. Interchangeable fingers and fingertips maximize flexibility. Mobile Pedestal with industrial grade casters makes it easy to move Baxter quickly and safely between workstations.

Baxter is powered by a platform called Intera, pronounced “in-terra” and
named to reflect the robot’s interactive production capabilities Intera provides an easy to use graphical user interface that in-house staff
can master quickly. The platform allows Baxter to be trained by demonstration, using context instead of coordinates to enable non-technical personnel to create and modify programs as needed.

It intelligently handles changing environments, while providing an
extensible platform that leverages modern tools such as ROS to maximize
relevance and flexibility for the modern workforce.
Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the overview of the Baxter
Telepresence Robot, By Rethink Robotics.

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