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RB3D Interview

RB3D Interview - Serge Grygowics

Hi guys!  I’m Philip English of RoboPhil.com. Now on this video, we are doing a quick interview with  Serge Grygowics of RB3D. We managed to speak to Serge at the InnoRobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France Lyon.

RB3D is an innovation and strength assistance company that provides solutions to handling and manipulating needs. Their products work in various industrial fields and they also have exoskeleton to increase your efficiency and achieve strength in various works without MST risk.

Philip: Hi guys! I’m Philip English, so again have a look at some more robots and today we’ve got gentleman here, who’s pretty going to introduce himself and the company.

Serge: Okay. I am Serge Grygowics, I am the founder of RB3D. RB3D is a starter company, not exactly a starter because we begin 15 years ago but starter in cobotic, collaborative robot, so it is a company of 18 people mainly engineer, working around idea of how to improved the gesture of the worker on the shop floor.

Philip: Okay. I can see that you got a house of different robots, so you got a very big, like, selection, can you quickly run through each of your robots and give us a brief explanation of what they do?

Serge: Okay. So first of all, we start with the arm, forward arm with the 7 axis motorized axle, we can, in fact, improved and multiply the strength of the worker. So it is mainly today used factory and also some automotive application to help the worker to have capacity to bring more strength to multiply the, to multiply the strength of the worker about 5 or 6 with less risk in terms of muscular, vasculitic disorder.

Philip: Okay. That sounds good. So that, let’s see, the work is in factory. So what about this one?

Serge: This one is quite different because with the first gain of cobot, we have a fix station, it is not moving anymore, it is much more for manufacturing, but a lot of job today in Europe, flexible job, where you need to move, mainly in construction, so we are, our next project, in order to bring the worker flexibility, ability to move, and then the same idea, to have strength improvement, so we have more or less working in subject of human enhancement strength, with the idea of enhancement, it is the first step of enhancement.

Philip: Ah! Okay. Instead of carrying the loads, she can put the loads onto the robot, and the robot carry it. That is very smart, very smart. So how much does the actual robot weight by itself?

Serge: The system is able to carry 40 kg during 4 hours, so it is quite a good performer in terms of exoskeleton. Today there are a lot of exoskeleton, mainly in medical field and for the worker application, this is the best duration, lifetime of the battery, you could have in the market today.

Philip: Okay nice. Very interesting. So how fast can the robot walk?

Serge: The system is able to walk at 3 km/hr and we are improving this on a new architecture of the robot in the beginning of next year, we will be able to have a approximately 5 km.

Philip: Okay. Of course, I mean, you don’t want to walk too fast because you have a lot of tons, you won’t walk too fast.

Serge: You won’t run with 40 Kg, I am carrying 40 Kg of loads, and you have to take in consideration in this application, you are not supposed to run, to go too quicker, when to quick, when you are working, to be safe

Philip: Yeah! Sure. I can see this going across many different robots and a lot of industry, warehouse,  medical, I mean like anything really, where you need to pick up weight and you go pick up tons.

Serge: And also on this system, we are working on a  application, where in, we bring a hammer, a bower hammer, which make a push and pull, able to push and pull 70 Kg to help in construction. An extension, an add-on, which is fit on the leg.

Philip: Okay. I mean, yeah that makes sense you know, the next improvement. Okay, thanks for the interview, I mean your robots is very very interesting, and thank you very much for your time.

Serge: Thank you so much!

Brilliant! Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Serge Grygowics  from RB3D for his time and the interview.

If you want to learn more about the RB3D, I will put links below for you review.

RB3D: https://www.rb3d.com/

RB3D Interview YouTube: https://youtu.be/6TCj5D5STGo

Philip English: https://philipenglish.com

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