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Partnering Robotics Interview

Partnering Robotics Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing an Interview with Dr. Ramesh Caussy from Partnering Robotics. We managed to speak to Ramesh at the InnoRobo 2016 Robot Exhibition in Paris, France.

Partnering 3.0 relies on a team that has an extensive professional experience in the areas of information technologies, electronics, web and digital printing.

They are currently looking to develop solutions or alternatives to systems that are not optimal or emerging. In this context, robotic industries are particularly fertile.

Thier goal at is to create new robotics usages for cultural public places, home with digital converging services and the enterprise 2.0. These usages will rely on new platforms modules and software.

Philip: Hi, guys! So we’re over at the Innorobo 2016 and we are here at another stand and we have some new technologies, so I got a gentleman here to introduce himself and tell me a little bit more about the company.

Ramesh: Hi! I am Ramesh Caussy from Partnering Robotics, we have developed a robot called DR1. DR1 is the first air quality robot that detects pollution and cleans the air.

Philip: Brilliant! Thank you very much. So it’s a French company and it’s French robot will all French technologies, is that right?

Ramesh: Yes. This is a French company. This is a French robot, we developed our own technologies and the software, the hardware, the design and so on. So this is a robot who is a French tech, French dutch

Philip: Okay. That’s very interesting. So, one question, how old are you guys? How long have you been around for?

Ramesh: Several years. It’s 8 years that we’re existing now, we’re almost 30 people. So we are developing well and we are now into a capital as a partner and now the game is to sell DR1 which offers our services.

Philip: Okay. The company has been around for a while you’ve got a good sort of volume of people, so you just sell in France, have you sell in Germany or all like anywhere else across Europe.

Ramesh: So yesterday we are selling in France and the plan is to grow in Europe, progressively per country.

Philip: Okay. This is one of many products or is this your flagship product and you’re looking to develop more products like in the future.

Ramesh: So to do this is the product that we have, DR1, the air quality Robot but of course, we have a roadmap to develop additional services, features, and robot.

Philip: This is it. I mean, it sounds like and it looks like a very impressive robot, is there any extra things that it does apart from sorting out the air quality, is there extra functions like a sort of telepresence or I can see it’s round robot, so maybe it can have some extra features, is there anything that you guys are looking into?

Ramesh: Yes. In fact, you know, my robot is an open platform, today we are starting with the air quality and indoor environment but of course we have a roadmap for additional services when I said this is an open platform, it is open in terms of software, we can have additional application and services, but also in terms of hardware, we can put all technology on the robot that is plain design to welcome new kind of technology and then you add to their presence but also application in various domain like silver economy, small buildings, smart cities. So we have infinite possibilities of services.

Philip: Okay. Brilliant! That sounds great. That’s a very good overview of the products and we will keep and eye on you guys. So thank you very much.

Ramesh: Thank you very much and the first time by the way that I’m doing the interview with the mic, so it’s a great experience. Thank you very much.
Brilliant! Thanks, Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Dr. Ramesh Caussy from Partnering Robotics for his time and the interview.
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