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NAO Marks Tutorial

NAO Marks Tutorial

Hi guys I’m Philip English from now on this video were looking to teach you how to use the NAO markers in Choreograph.

Choreograph comes with an automated algorithm that detects the unique shapes of the NAO markers and then divides them up based on the sizes of the light and dark lasers within the mark.

The program then returns a unique identification number which will we use for this tutorial.

Alright, hi guys!  Jumping straight into it let’s have a look at the NAO marker.

So first of all we want to see if the robot was connected so let’s log on that yep so he’s connected up and after that he’s sitting down there and then if I put my hand in front of the screen you should be able to see me waving at him as well. There you go brilliant starts working perfectly and what I’ve done is that I printed out three markers from the NAO cd there’s a folder in there which can gives you access to NAO marks cd so what I printed out is I printed out 170 which is that one you can see in the vision and 130 which is that one you can see in the vision and 68 which is that one. For me not to be clear on the screen but just to give you an idea what the vision marker actually look like.

So if you can’t find it on the NAO cd you can also have a look online to get them. so now what were gonna do is go down to vision you can see what you go highlight here and the NAO mark in the vision folder so i wanna drag it into the box and we wanna connect up the needle as normal now if we hit the play button then that sure thing working and keep an eye on the middle box for the outputs we should now see the numbers that now is recognizing so its 68 again oh here we go so you can see 68 flags out there let’s try 130 so here it goes really in 130 and then last one is 170 yea brilliant so you can see its working clearly. These NAO marks are nice and different actually there are some that really close sometimes it does them hit a NAO mark with the same number that maybe similar to another NAO mark but that’s fine that’s all looking good with that so what we do is try to get him to do something because that’s the purpose of the NAO mark you know to actually got the robot to use and to build a behavior so if we go and get the switch case box which is in the flow control and we can drag in the switch case now if we connect it up so what we all know switch case will separate whatever the output of the NAO marker is given us so what we want is to put the numbers in here so if we see 171 and he does something and it’s in the numbers we see is a 130 and does something else and the last one 68.

So the easiest thing to do is probably get into actually say something so where is there you go in the audio we drag the say button out we can see you guys see its vision on here become quiet here on the recording so we would drag that on to the first needle and hello and I can see you NAO oh NAO mark 170 and lets go through that for speed to the next one that’s 170 so drag another say out and connect that one up again click in the box and then I can now see all of that 130 this one and lets say and then just to mix up again lets just put an animation on the last one just so we can choose to show you a full use no not on the flow control animations in motion animations and we go for wipe forehead when we see it on the 68 and that so keep an eye on the vision to keep an eye on the NAO we’ll see it play which loads up the behavior and make sure that we have the robots motors on as well especially coz if we’ve got wipe forehead on that so lets give this a go so first of all 170 lets see how correct he is ‘Hello, I can see NAO mark 170’ brilliant and now 130 so this guy ‘Hello, I can see NAO mark 130’ brilliant right on now he’s doing a good robot today very good robot and then on the 68 lets see there we go there we have the movement for the wipe forehead.

So that’s it guys thanks very much.

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