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Muratec Machinery Interview

Muratec Machinery Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing an Interview with Toshiki Moriguchi from Murata Machinery.

We managed to speak to Toshiki at the IREX 2015 Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Murata Machinery, Ltd is a privately held Japanese company founded in 1935 with its Head Office at Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. The company’s main products are industrial machines such as textile machinery, turning machines, sheet metal machinery and communication equipment. In addition Muratec is also involved in technology developments in the robotics field. After developing a control system for self-traveling robots, called “It’s Navi” which started in April 2014.

Philip: Hi guys! It’s Philip English again from 2015 IREX Robot Exhibition in Japan. We got another gentleman here for you today. Can you introduce yourself and tell me a little bit of the company?

Toshiki: Our company name is Murata Machinery, we make textile machines, some other machines and logistics and automations. So now we start robotics like this hub robots. So we are using this robot for public space like a hotel or a hospital or a station, something like that.

Philip: How old is the company?

Toshiki: 8 years.

Philip: And has the company always been making these types of robots for 8 years or has it come from a different background?

Toshiki: We make a logistics automation system, so we already have many experience, so we started this robot for 10 years.

Philip: How long the battery lasts?

Toshiki: Battery lasts about 8 hours.

Philip: And does it have a charging port, it goes back to to its charging port and charge itself?

Toshiki: Yes itself. This robot can come back to its battery station and its 2 hours charging and 8 hours running.

Philip: So what happens when it needs to go different floors? You said like maybe in a hotel, can it go in a lift, tell the lift what room and go up the lift?

Toshiki: Yes. Already we have like this technology so we have some wifi and communication with the elevator room, so this robot can go to the elevator by itself

Philip: Okay. Yes. It makes sense. Are this commercially available? Like can you buy this here?

Toshiki: Yes.

Philip: You have sold it across Japan or have you sold it across Europe?

Toshiki: Not yet, we just start this robot selling.

Philip: So how many have you sold by far?

Toshiki: Not yet.

Philip: It looks like a very handy product, I mean in the future, I have seen staff member go up and down, so you basically have this robot,  what’s the capacity it can take in kilos?

Toshiki: This one, should be, so far, 40 kilograms

Philip: Okay. How many different models have you got? I can see this one but is there a different models?

Toshiki: This one is a prototype and a basic machine. So if you want to carry something, like this one. So some customer needs bigger one, so we can make a bigger.

Philip: So I’m guessing when it comes through the door, the receptionist phones that the robot is outside? Then it press the button and it opens up?

Philip: Okay. Yes. Very very good product sort of thing. And okay, thanks very much!

Toshiki: Thank you!

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Toshiki from Murata Machinery, for his time and  the interview.  

If you want to learn more about the Murata Machinery I have put in links below, for your review.

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Thanks Guys! And I will see you next time.

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