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Motion Sensing Tool Tutorial

Monitor Sensing Tool Tutorial

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the how to use the Monitor Sensing tool, that comes with Choregraphe Software. On this weeks tutorial we are looking in to how to observe the raw sensor values of your robot and then graph them. So if you want to see this exciting tool in action, then please stay tuned!

Hi Guys, I’m Philip English from, now on this video we are looking to teach you how to use the Aldebaran Monitor tool. Monitor is an application that allows you to see what your robot sees and perceives. It allows you to access accurate data from its sensors and motors easily.

With the Camera module, you can receive data from the selected camera.

You can then use the Memory module to access and analyse, in a user- friendly way, all the data provided by the sensors.

Monitor also lets you test the vision algorithms on recorded extracts.

Right! Hi guys! And now we are going to have a look at Sensing and we are using the Monitor tool in choregraphe, so what we’ll do is going to check the robot is attached and yes, he is there.

  •  Go and open the monitor desktop box
  •  Click “Memory” (Now, similar on how we use the choregraphe, we just want to pick our robot, so there is Philip the Robot)
    • Click “Philip the Robot”
    • Logged in (Then you’ll be presented with couple of options to open the configuration file or new configuration file)
    • Select “New Configuration File” (There it’s going to pop-up another box, where it’s going to ask me what joint and values you want to view, so for this tutorial we want to view devices. So scroll down to Devices)
      • Choose “Device/SubDeviceList/InertialSensor/GyrX/Sensor/Value”
      • Choose “Device/SubDeviceList/InertialSensor/GyrY/Sensor/Value”
      • Choose “Device/SubDeviceList/InertialSensor/GyrZ/Sensor/Value”
    • Click “OK”
    • Save the configuration file
      • File Name: Sensing_02
      • Click “Save”

Right! So pop-up another box, so what I’m going to do is just make it large enough so it fits in this window because I want to be able to see this robot. Now, let’s have a look at Z, Y and X. So now, keep an eye on the robot and keep an eye on the graph. If I shift my robot around, you can see from the graph the values down the bottom, goes and it goes and this is how monitor tool works. Let me now what’s the inside the robot is doing and thinking and a few times and then we’re plunking down again.

Brilliant! Thanks guys and that’s it for Monitor.

Well done guys, you are now a Aldebaran Monitor Sensing expert! That can see and perceive you robots every move!

Now have a play with this behavior, to try out other sensors in the robot to see what sort of results that you can graph.

Have a play guys and use your imagination.

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Thanks Guys! And I will see you next time.

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