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Mobile Industrial Robot Interview

Mobile Industrial Robots Interview - Niels Jul Jacobsen

Hi guys! On this video we are doing an interview with Niels Jul Jacobsen from Mobile Industrial Robot, that’s MiR for short. We manage to speak to Niels at the InnoRobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon.

MiR specialises in user-friendly and flexible automated internal transport and logistics solutions. The MiR100 robot optimizes workflows, freeingup staff resources and allowing you to increase productivity while reducing costs.

Philip: Hi guys! I’m Philip English, so again we are in  the InnoRobo today and we are speaking to different people and we got new person for you and a new solution as well and I think he is really cool, so I got a gentleman here, who’s going to introduce himself and introduce the company.

Niels: My name is Niels Jul Jacobsen, I come from this company called Mobile Industry Robot, for short just MiR and we love that name because robot should be peaceful corporating machines. So we are a new company, we are just two (2) years old and we just introduce our first product this autumn called MiR100. It is basically just a robot for doing internal transportation, so it’s totally autonomous, it is  very easy to setup, easy to use, and is very cost efficient. And based on that, we hope to find a really broad market to opening up the whole world of mobile robotic usage to setup.

Philip: Okay. I think that we’ve seen a lot of robots starts going to some of the hospitals over the UK and one of the big ones was over in Scotland were I think they put a fleet or something that look just like this, I think they got a fleet of about 20 on there but I your product seems, I believe, price range is a bit better and seems quite easy to use and seems quite friendly as well.

Niels: That’s the whole basic idea that everyone should be able to use it. It is not an engineering product, it is a product for the end-user. So we call it like mobile robot, so everyone should be able to use it, you don’t need to have a PC or whatever, so we have a simple user interface, if you want that and much more advance one, if you use that. So it just depends on your level of needs, actually.

Philip: If it’s going to be guys in the warehouse who’s going to use it, maybe nurses and staff, they may not have the software skills, you know, and those quite detailed skills that you need to freely   program a robot to have a nice and easy solution, easy friendly robot to use, just brilliant you know, it is what we really need today, so give me some information about the specs, I mean like how far it gonna go.

Niels: Okay. So the robot can go 1.5 m/s, normally goes 3 km/hr, we actually speed it down abit, because our experience showed us that if the robot is going as fast as people, they fell tripped on it, so it just go a little bit below normal average speed and people are satisfied and it doesn’t feel like it is coming up at the back, so that was really good thing and it’s called MiR100 because it has a loading capacity is 100 Kg and the basic size is 1/2 EU pallet because that is the trade off between it should be able to run in offices and the like environment and also be able to go out in the industrial environment, so if it is bigger it cannot come out of the door and if it is small you cannot really use it for anything.

Philip: I see. I see. Can you use them outside? or is it mainly for inside?

Niels: No. It is mainly for inside and it is basically due to its sensor, whenever you come outside the sunlight is really a killer, rain and everything, so lets introduce them first indoor and hopefully someone else will come outdoor.

Philip: Okay. I mean, I saw, there is another robot down here with like a follow me section. Is that one of its features or is there something the robot got?

Niels: It is very easy to add on, we have a project, so it’s just like, if there is a need for it, I will integrate it normally together because we are just providing a robot and giving this capability for opening up for all kind of additional application, there is a robot conveyer tracking whatever you like, it is really simple to put that on.

Philip: I mean that was it, you’ve developed the platform which I think that is brilliant, I mean you can use it in the hospital that can use it in one way or warehouse they can use it in a different ways.

Philip: Okay. Now that’s alright. That’s fine. Thank you very much for the brief overview. Thank you very much!

Niels: Okay. You’re welcome.

Brilliant! Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Niels Jul Jacobson from Mobile Industrial Robot for his time and the interview.

If you want to learn more about the Mobile Industrial Robot and the MiR100, I will put a link below for you review.

Mobile Industrial Robots: https://www.mobile-industrial-robots.com/en/

Mobile Industrial Robot Interview: https://youtu.be/jpX-eh-clXQ

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