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Laevo Exoskeleton: What’s In The Box

Laevo Exoskeleton What's In The Box
Hi Guys, Philip English here from In this video, we are looking at the Laevo Exoskeleton and see what comes inside the box.

The Laevo is a wearable chest and back support that adapt to every posture. Everywhere you go you can lean against the chest pad. The Laevo transfers force from the rest to the thighs. Due to the leverage the force on your chest is 10 times less than what your spine or back muscles have to endure. Every time you experience pressure, your back is saved.

Unboxing Laevo Exoskeleton

Alright, guys! Now, let’s see the unboxing or this time an un-bagging. So, let’s take it out. This is a one-piece unit. There it is. So, let’s see what we have, we have a seat belts or system here have to figure that out we’ve got to some pads for the legs and I guess that’s pads for the bottom and this must be the hydraulic spring that the guys talking about where all the actual weight goes, but there is fresh out the box this is a small weight version of it. I believe there is a few different versions and you’ll see, you can have many different types of sizes for depending on the user and the applications.
Right! So, that’s what we’ll see,  you see what else we have in the bag. Let’s put this little fellow down here for a second and we’ve got some instructions so this is just the guide of how to use the Laevo, how to set up and put in your Laevo, which going to go into the next video and this is what we get you laid out. Alright! let’s pick it up properly and instructions.
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