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Laevo Exoskeleton: How To Set It Up

Laevo Exoskeleton How To Set It Up

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com. In this video we’re looking at the Laevo Exoskeleton and we are going to see how to set it up.

The 10 components of the Laevo Exoskeleton

  1. Suspenders
  2. Hip Pads
  3. Hip belt
  4. Smart Joint
  5. Leg Structures
  6. Chest Pad
  7. Spring Structure
  8. Label
  9. Buttock Belt
  10. Leg Pads

Right! so check the name again, it’s me, and now we’re gonna put it on just like a jacket, so unplug the buckle there and unclog the buckle down the bottom as well just have been first put it on this like a cape, bring it forward to wear and connect it out there so I’m nice and easy to get your Laevo on right to start with we need to check that the hip belt in the right position so this is this little further this should be down obviously along to along around the hips and it should be nice and tight. Next, we have to check that the smart joint this is this one here is in the correct position as well so this is going to be aligned along the body otherwise when you bend over it’s going to be too forward and you’re not going to get the support in the right place again my smart joint aligned along the body along the body why we need to do some final checks but it really is easy to get this dislike go on for the leg structure and make sure that the the leg pads are in the middle between your knees and hips there the butt and legs are all done up nice and tight the chest pads this should be actually slightly forward we see it slightly forward so when you bend over you actually lean into it and the spring structure is not a way it was away from the the arms as well so not too far out are too far in when you bend over the springs naturally go in between the arms.


Laevo Exoskeleton: How To Set It Up YouTube: https://youtu.be/M_rH3srYZWg

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