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Laevo Exoskeleton: See It In Action

Laevo Exoskeleton See It In Action
Hi Guys, Philip English from In this video we’re looking at the Laevo Exoskeleton and we’re going to see it in action.
Laevo is unique exoskeleton and wearable back support that supports users while working in a bending forward position or lifting objects. The wearable frame carries part of the upper body weight of the user,  thereby decreasing the strain on the lower back.

Laevo Exoskeleton In Action

Right! So we got some weights and we’re going to do a bit of a test run. So the idea have been, if I do it forward first of all, I’m leaning forward the chest pad takes the weight so I could give me my arms and a lot more freedom and I can feel already that the weight and strength of the way it’s going down from the legs. Do it sideways bending over and see how the chest pad is engaged and here it makes me a lot easier to do whatever my job is doing and takes the pressure off the back lot easier job So that’s one for the weight test, we put it down the stretch down if you can see that probably not but the whole device spends with me so i can pick up books or wait and then when I lift the body up again here is starting to engage the springs we’ve seen obviously takes the load off the back. Right, so next we have the movability, so as you can see it’s got a unique little rotation device here so as my legs go up and down the device wings with it which means that I can walk to any position, you see me walking off the camera here you’re gonna see me again so to do with the flexibility is actually quite good, I mean it doesn’t stop me, it doesn’t stop me in in any way, so the movement for Laevo is quite well, sort of,  as well.
Laevo Exoskeleton: See It In Action:
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