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Laevo Exoskeleton: Product Review

Laevo Exoskeleton Product Review
Hi Guys, Philip English from In this video, we are looking Laevo Exoskeleton and we are doing a quick overview of this product.

The Laevo Exoskeleton is a wearable back and chest support, that elevates bend over working and stopping. It is scientifically proven that the physical strain of the back reduces by using the Laevo Exoskeleton .

Performing a job at a 40-degree angle with Laevo Exoskeleton

  1. The job can be done three times as long with the same comfort level.
  2. The back muscle activity reduces with 40%.
  3. When there are less muscle activity and less pressure on the vertebra, back problems will decrease. Hereby, the productivity increases and the long-term employability of the employees improves. The Laevo Exoskeleton aims to keep everybody who does heavy physical labor, like order picking or bedside care, healthy and employable!

Back problems are one of the biggest physical cause of absenteeism and working in a bend forward posture is unavoidable in a lot of professions, for example in Hospitals and warehouses environments.

This Regular exposure to demanding postures increased the risk of back pain, which severely reduces the pleasure people have in their work.

Unfortunately, lower back pain is very common and repeated lifting off as little as 5 kg increases risk. In the UK back problems cause 7.3 million absence a day, with back problems lasting more than 3 months.

The Laevo Exoskeleton  is a unique exoskeleton, a wearable back support that supports users while working in a bend forward posture or lifting objects.
The wearable frame carries part of the upper body weight of the user, thereby decreasing the strain on the lower back.
Defining the Laevo  Exoskeleton as an innovative posture support tool that improves the long-term employability of employees. Because it is a wearable device, it moves with the user between different workplaces from bed to bed, from pallet to pallet.
What makes the Laevo Exoskeleton unique is its patented, flexible structure. This provides support while still allowing the user to walk around and move their upper body.
Aside from this physical effects, the Laevo Exoskeleton also improved awareness of the user with regards to their posture. In combination with the ‘smart hinge’, the supported user can bend all the way to the ground.
It is the combination of the reduced physical strain and increased mental awareness that provides such an improvement to both the long-term employability and the enjoyment of the user.

Laevo Exoskeleton 6 Main Points

  1. The Laevo Exoskeleton is easy to put on, just like a jacket.
  2. The chest pads are designed in such a way that the pressure is comfortable even after a full days worth of work.
  3. The flexible structure moves with the body. Allowing sideways lifting and short walks and providing a spring force while bending.
  4. The hip pad supports the pelvis and results in a natural posture of the lower back.
  5. Comfortable leg pads fit the upper legs.
  6. The Laevo parts are available in different sizes, allowing for a custom fit, personalized specifically to the body and job requirements of the user.
That’s it for this video. But if you want to know more about the Laevo Exoskeleton, then please check out the other videos in this series.
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