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Kawada Robotics Interview

Kawada Robotics Interview

Hi Guys! I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing a quick Interview with Victor Leve from Kawada Robotics. We managed to speak to Victor at the Innorobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon. 

Kawada Robotics was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of Kawada Industries for product and business development of collaborative robots. They were exhibiting the NEXTAGE Robot, which is a dual-arm industrial robot to explore its possibility of human-robot-collaboration in the European manufacturing market.

Philip: Hi guys! Philip English. So here and we going to get a quick interview of, at the company. So can you introduce yourself?

Victor: So, I’m Victor Leve, I’m french. I’m working for Kawada company in Tokyo, Japan.

Philip: Brilliant! Brilliant! So, obviously,  we are here today to see some robots, can you tell me a little bit more about this robot?

Victor: So this robot is called Next Age and it is a humanoid robot with two arms and one head and it can, it’s use mainly in industry in Japan for now, it is not commercially available in other countries and these robots use cameras on the head to locate himself regarding its environment and use hand cameras to recognise more precise pictures or drawing and it can coordinate its both arms to do precise motion and complex motion.

Philip: Okay. I mean, it sounds like it got a further, further way sorts of features using its sensors. So on this example, he’s making a coffee shop, or something about this?

Victor: Usually, it’s use in industrial, here we wanted to show more, something more friendly and we decided to show the robots preparing coffee and so on.

Philip: Okay. That’s sounds good. These are in Japan and some industrial situation in Japan, is that right?

Victor: He is present in more than hundred factories in Japan and his job mainly to do assembly of small parts

Philip: Wow. Okay. So there’s a hundred of these already?

Victor: Yes.

Philip: Okay.

Victor: Different factories

Philip: Different factories. So all doing different types of tasks?

Victor: All tasks are quiet different, but mainly it is for assembling small parts.

Philip: So you’re here over in Europe today, are trying to push the robots in European line market now? is this the way its going?

Victor: So the Kawada Company is here in France for 1 year to make a market analysts together with another organisation, so that’s promotes new energy and technologies and we are here for, so 1 year, these robot, collaborative robots in general, are rebuild to be introduced under french markets.

Philip: Okay. Okay. So again, going back to the application, so obviously, he’s good in assembly lines, but obviously here we got an example of him, maybe working in a restaurant or maybe working in a coffee shop and so is there any different models of robot is there a smaller version or bigger version or?

Victor: This robot Next Age are, is only, there is only one version actually and but the same robot can do various tasks, that’s why, that’s why we love this robot and the design of the robot is quite interesting since the dimension are similar to human, so these robots is able to fit any workspace or that human beings are using, actually.

Philip: So, the one last question I got. So, what about if it is working on a roof or so if the robot had to look up or work up

Victor: It is not impossible to do but the, if the robot look on, at the top maybe the space you can reach will be reduced

Philip: Okay. Yeah! Reduced space. Okay. That’s brilliant! That’s a brilliant overview of Next Age so thank you very much.

Victor: Thank you very much!

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Victor

from Kawada Robotics for his time and  the interview.

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