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Jessiko The Robotic Fish By Robot Swim

Jessiko The Robotic Fish By Robot Swim

Hi, guys! Philip English from and today we have an interview with the guys from Robot Swim, who are telling us about Jessiko The Robotic.

Philip English – Right, hi guys. It’s Philip English, 2016 in Innorobo. We’re here with some robot fish for you. So we got a gentleman here who’s gonna give you like an introduction and then he’s gonna explain the product a little bit more. So, if you could introduce yourself for us.

Cristophe – I’m Cristophe. I founded the Robotswim company in 2009. It’s based on rubber, in Jessiko. It’s based on Jessiko rubber fish, our products.

Philip English – Okay, so give us a run through of how the fish works. I’m assuming that you sorta charge them up, they last so many hours and then I see that they’re attracted to a little light or a little beacon. Can you explain to us?

Cristophe – Yes. There are two main innovations. The first one is for very long range swimming. They can swim for eight hours or more, so during one day. And the other innovation is about the localization system. It’s based on light, so they are a sort of homing head, like on a missile. So you can call them and they can use beacons in the tank to follow localization to know their way, where they go.

Philip English – Right, see then. And then, so for these sorta robots, it, so, see you’re looking to sell it as a display sorta piece, so it’s there to design, to attract people, so people can come see the robots and then they come into the restaurant or they come into the place of wherever the robots are, is that right?

Cristophe – Yes, the economic motivator for our client is to attract the people, yes. It’s a, we designed this robot to be very amazing, to transmit emotions to people. That’s why it’s interesting for our customers to use it, to attract people and to, so that people can take picture, take video and share it on the social networks.

Philip English – Yeah so it’s got that wow factor, so you know, that wow factor so people can come and see it. So can it go like any color? I can see we got some blue ones, some pink ones. Is it any color?

Cristophe – In fact with colors, it was at the beginning used as a debugging system, because we wanted to know the direction and what was the fish thinking about next movements, but we can design it differently, we can choose different color, or we can also change color by following the music or something like that.

Philip English – Yeah, ’cause that was my next question actually. So, is it, can you literally do, what would it called? Like a musical piece, so there’ll be certain music playing and the fish would go to that, to the sound of the beat almost. Is that, can you actually do that?

Cristophe – There are many configuration we can, yes create some choreographies, you can, they can interact with music, change color or move, depending of the music, depending of people if attracting they are using a specific beacon or pushing a button or playing with a smart phone. Are many possibilities and direction with people.

Philip English – Okay, and like what’s the next step then? So you got this size fish. Are you looking to make sorta bigger fish or faster fish, like what’s the next step?

Cristophe – For us it’s this fish is now a definite design, so we only work on the reliability of this fish to improve time between two repairs or two maintenance operations, but we have another project at Robotswim. It’s robotic turtle.

Philip English – Okay.

Cristophe – It’s robotic turtle. The objective is to design a remote turtle that you can use to explore some parts in the tank.

Philip English – Okay.

Cristophe – And with real time video, directly from example for to use smartphone, our customer for it will be the marine museum,

Philip English – Okay.

Cristophe – for example. Everywhere where you have a tank with fish, with very nice decor and so you want, but people can swim in it, like, if they were really in it.

Philip English – Oh okay, and like how big’s this turtle gonna be? Is it say big or?

Cristophe – It be about 20 centimeters.

Philip English – About 20 centimeters, okay. Right, okay no that’s fine. So what I’ll do is I’ll put some links in to show you where you can find some more information about these lovely fish. And I think that’s a brilliant overview, so I thank you very much for your time.

Cristophe – Thank you.


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