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IRT Jules Verne Interview

IRT Jules Verne Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing a quick Interview with David Marquez from IRT Jules Verne.

We managed to speak to David at the Innarobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon.

RT Jules Verne is an institute, for pooling advanced research, leads activities driven by industry needs on the mid and long-term market trends. Its research program in robotics focuses on:

  • Robotics in the factory of the future
  • Cobotics: human/robot collaboration to perform better.
  • Advanced robotics for cutting edge manufacturing

Philip: So can you introduce yourself and the company.

David: My name is David Marcus. I am an engineer at IRT Jules Verne. So we are working in the field of innovation manufacturing. Our objective is to try to build robots with the objective to work with humans so we are working in the concept of co-botics. Co-botics for collaborative robots. So robots that can go with human in security and try to get help for humans.

Philip: Okay! So I could see you got two different sides of robots here. So you got this one which is more of like unarmed robot on a set of legs. So explain this robot.

David: This robot is special because this is the first prototype of a mobile manipulator. So it’s our first co-bot. So for the industry for the manufacture industry we need robots that get moving in the environment. In security, we need  a manipulation capacities so in this project for example this robot need to do for example in our code Phil the robot need to go in an airplane to get some kind of task with the operator. So for example the robot can make a task of some kind of piece.

Philip:  So is this sort of thing used in military so is it a military robot?

David: No this is not military, this is for industry manufacturing industry so specially for example for airbus and for renault.

Philip: Okay! So for manufacturers.

David: But we need a structure a heavy structure because the environment is not easy. So there are some constraints in the aeronautical environment that are classical robot were still working with.

Philip: Right! Okay! I see. So what sort of like applications so you’re saying like renault and airbus so they are use inside the factories?

David: Inside the factory to do task for example pick up to place. To try to get help to the operator with some heavy materials for example and all in the context of co-botics. So the robots that can work with humans in security in the same task .

Philip: So when you say in security, alright you mean the robot doesn’t hurt the person standing next to him.

David: Yeah! in the classical industrial robotics you have the robot and you have humans and there are robots and humans can work together because the robot isn’t dangerous for humans. But in the co-botics context the robot is able to adapt to its environment and his task to take into account the human. So for example we are doing the task of pick up place. Okay and these are operators that is in the field of the robot. The robot need to make a replanification of the trajectory.

Philip: So loop around it? Okay.

David: And safe it is safe for the mobile part of the robot need to go from a point to another point. They are different the trajectory of this task but if there are some constraints in this task the robot need to adapt. And the more important in all these tasks is the human. So we need to work with humans in security.

Philip: Okay that makes sense. Okay that’s cool brilliant so thank you very much.

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to David from IRT Jules Verne for his time and  the interview.  

If you want to learn more about IRT Jules Verne, I have put links below.

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