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iPhone Recycling Robot | Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot | Realistic Robot Lady

iPhone Recycling Robot | Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot | Realistic Robot Lady

Hi there, and welcome to my weekly robot update. This is wear I do a round up of what is going on in the Robot news around the world, so please stay tuned.

Hi Guys, I’m Philip English from robophil.com, and welcome to the Robot Weekly update number 30.

iPhone Recycling Robot

Apple Inc has unveiled a robotic system called Liam to take apart junked iPhones and recover valuable materials that can be recycled, such as silver and tungsten.
The move is an attempt to address criticism that Apple’s products, while sleek and seamless in design, are so tightly constructed that their components can be difficult to disassemble, refurbish and reuse.
Liam, which has been under development for nearly three years, will initially focus on the iPhone 6. Apple plans to modify and expand the system to handle different devices and recover more resources, the company said.
The system started to operate at full capacity last month and can take apart one iPhone 6 every 11 seconds to recover aluminum, copper, tin, tungsten, cobalt, gold and silver parts, according to Apple.
At that rate and working uninterrupted, Liam likely can handle a few million phones per year.
The Liam system consists of 29 robotic modules on a single site near Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. A second Liam is being installed in Europe soon.

Domino’s pizza delivery robot

Ding dong, there’s a robot at your door and it’s got your extra large pizza.
This could be a future Saturday night scenario if Domino’s Australia gets its way.
Domino’s Australia is independent from the U.S. based pizza chain, but pays a royalty to use the name, logo and recipes.
The company has developed a self-driving robot that can deliver hot food and cold drinks.
The four-wheeled machine dubbed DRU — for Domino’s Robotic Unit — completed its first trial delivery earlier this month.
The robot uses GPS for navigation and can sense and avoid obstacles as it travels. It is designed to travel on bike paths or footpaths and can reach speeds of 12 mph. It’s not clear how far the robot will travel to deliver a pizza.
A hidden locked compartment pops up to reveal hot and cold chambers that hold a customer’s order. The customer can get at the pizza by using a security code sent to the customer’s phone.
The base of the machine was developed by Marathon Targets, a robotics startup that makes equipment for live fire training.

Realistic Robot Lady

A new creepy robotic head called “Sophia” showed off her skills recently with human-like facial expressions and responsive speech. She’s designed for healthcare, therapy, education and customer service interactions with humans.
Hanson Robotics recently demoed their talking humanoid robot at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Sophia has patented skin, cameras in her eyes, voice recognition software, and can emulate more than 62 facial expressions. Her face was modeled after Audrey Hepburn and the wife of Hanson Robotics CEO David Hanson.

You might know Hanson Robotics from their other startlingly realistic robotic heads, including the Philip K. Dick android that disappeared on a plane in 2006 and was rebuilt several years later.
Sophia is supposed to get smarter over time. At SXSW, she stated that she wants to go to school, start a business, and even have her own home and family one day.
Hanson told CNBC that in 20 years humanoid robots will be walking among us, helping us, teaching us. In his vision, smart robots will become our friends.

That’s it guys, for a weekly world Robot News, I am your host Philip English.

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