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Interview with Carl Clement

Carl Clement - Emotion Robotics Interview

Hi guys and welcome!

On this week’s video, we are doing a quick interview witn Carl Clement – Emotion Robotics, we are speaking to Carl about his works and reviews on NAO Robot Aldebaran. So if you want to learn a little more about motion robotics then please stay tuned.

Hi Guys, I’m Philip English from robophil.com, now on this video we have a quick snipit of us speaking to Carl Clement, who is one of the directors from Emotion Robotics, based over in Sandhurst, Berkshire .
We mange to speak to Carl at the 2015 Better Education Through Technology show (Bett Show), which is a big UK Education Event. Carl is giving us a brief overview of how he has been working with the Nao robot for Autistic Children.


Hi guys! I’m Philip English, we just doing a quick overview of Emotion Robotics at the BETT show so I am speaking to Carl today, Carl Clement from Emotion Robotics to give us a quick overview of the autism side of the Alderan NAo Robot. Thank you!


Thanks Phil!
Emotion Robotics have been working without a burn and a number of people around the country to try and find ways where we can use robots to improve people’s life and one of the areas there that we found was to actually use them with autistic children as a learning aid to enables them to learn new communication skills and a lot of problems that autistic children have is the communication signals that we give off a very very complex with facial expression, vocal intonation and hand gestures then it can be difficult for them to filter out the unnecessary elements there, using the robots we can introduce those elements one at the time and help them learn to cope with them better enabling them to function and bring the skills that they have into our enviroments to help us as well. Thanks Phil!


Brilliant! Cool! Thanks Carl! So that’s perfect, the quick overview of the NAO Aldebaran robots. Brilliant! Thanks guys! See you later!

Brilliant! Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say big thank you to Carl from emotion robotics for his time and interview.  It is very much appreciated!

Interview with Carl Clement YouTube: https://youtu.be/SHJKfOCL6Yo

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