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Gobio Robotics Interview

Gobio Robot Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from Robophil.com and on this video we are doing an Interview with Pierre-André Foix from Gobio Robot. We managed to speak to Pierre-André at the InnoRobo 2016 Robot Exhibition in Paris, France.
Gobio Robot is a robotic solutions service that provides a response to professionals seeking to improve the working conditions of their employees. Whether to lighten the heavy lifting, reducing physical stress, protect and sustain the employability of workers, assist the operator in its repetitive tasks or promote recovery of vulnerable people, Gobio company can develop specific solutions corresponding to constraints of the different positions.

Philip: Hi, guys! We are back with the Gobio guys again and we’re just getting like an update, this is still seen in 2016 and so here with Pierre, he’s going to give us like an intro what’s going on with the company.

Pierre-André: Okay. I’m Pierre-André Foix, I’m the managing director of the Gobio Robot, company dedicated to the development of the exoskeletons for providing comfort and safety to workers basically, by alleviating the weight and their painful conditions of working in any application industry or logistics fields.

Philip: Alright! So you’re obviously they’re to, if anyone’s got a bad back or if anyone wants to lift heavier loads then your exoskeleton robot are designed for like the commercial world of actually helping things out so

Pierre-André: Yeah, we have a complete range of different exoskeletons corresponding to the different applications of the different needs you could have from the most assisting exoskeleton, for carry-out lifting heavy weights or for lighter exoskeletons called Harnais, Posture Harness which will protect in the long term the back and reduce the strain injuries for instance.

Philip: For the lightest exoskeleton, what’s the weight? like how much does it weight?

Pierre-André: The weight that much is about one kilo and a half (1/2 kilo), which means that on a daily basis, you can basically feel nothing, well at least not heavier than the coat, working coat, protection coat

Philip: I mean, it’s designed to sort of, to support the workers so they can work like longer hours with like less injuries, supposedly the main thing, so last time we are here, we saw a lighter version but we’ve now got a brand new version, which is the one behind us,  so could you give us like a review of your new version

Pierre-André: This isn’t an intermediate version between the Harnais and the huge exoskeleton for carrying out heavy weights in that, with that model, we have a combination of mobility and assistance especially for all these positions where you have the arms at the upper positions above the heart line which provide a lot of injuries in the shoulders, in the back, and basically the applications are all especially specialized applications like paintings, plumbing and so on, electricity also, all this works are where you have not, specially to carry or to life heavy weights of the position itself is very painful.

Philip: Right. As you were saying like any and anywhere you have to do about your head, obviously you immediately got this extra load so this device is there to support you. So I’m now, so see, this is for above your head, so can you wear the lighter version, the leg version and this light at the same time

Pierre-André: Sure. It’s purpose is to have a complete, arm, back and leg exoskeletons, with the respect, respecting the weight, that must be this position keep, we kept the lights this is our purpose, we have a complete exoskeleton

Philip: And I think the main thing about the system guys is that it’s a light, it’s easy to use and it’s already used in commercial spaces and again you know, it is there to support and prevent injuries, so now that a brilliant overview, so I thank you very much for your time.

Pierre-André: You’re welcome!
Brilliant! Thanks, Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Pierre-André from Gobio, for his time and the interview.
If you want to learn more about the Gobio Robot I have put in links below, for your review.
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Thanks, Guys! And I will see you next time.

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