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Gobio Robot Interview

Gobio Robot Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing a quick Interview with Sophie Noiret from Gobio Robot. We managed to speak to Sophie at the Innorobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon. 

Gobio proposes robotics solutions to help people in their professional or current life with exoskeleton and telepresence robots. The company focuses on those activates since January 2014 and proposes innovative industrial solutions. System integrator, Gobio will satisfy you needs using the newest solutions and adapting them to your requests.

Philip: So can you introduce yourself?

Sophie: Yeah! Hello! I’m Sophie Norie, I work for Gobio Robot. We do few, a few different devices, mostly exoskeletons and devices to help people carry things or prevent them from hurting themselves.

Philip: Are you base in France?

Sophie: Yes. In Nantes.

Philip: Nantes. Okay. Is it a big team?

Sophie: No. It is a small company. We only, we started last year.

Philip: I see. Okay. Well, you’re doing well if you are here. So you got two types of robots, sorry, two types of devices. So one which is this one, supports the back, so as you explained it to me, the other is, if I got to pick something up on the floor, it keeps my back straight, if I go down here and I can feel that it straights away, then it also makes me more want to bend my actual legs

Sophie:  Yes. You can bend the, try to bend the spring thing and do that

Philip: Okay. Yes. I can see. Then gives you some added strength as you go up. So can you adjust the actual power then? Can you?

Sophie:  You can bend, we don’t, we don’t add to much, but you can set the strength of the spring.

Philip: And this is for all ages?

Sophie: Yes. Yes.

Philip: So supposed like 18 year old adult all the way up to 60 years old

Sophie: Yeah! Anyone who might need it but it is not, it is quite a bit heavy, it is not very heavy so, and not bulky though

Philip: Okay. And I can see you got the other device, will show a video for that. That’s more for lifting heavier loads?

Sophie: Yes.

Philip: Okay. That’s pretty cool and this is, how much is it again?

Sophie: 1,800

Philip: 1,800 euros

Sophie: Yes.

Philip: And then the other one is?

Sophie: 6,300

Philip: 6,300 euros. Okay. And the main people who are buying these?

Sophie: Sorry?

Philip: The main sort of people who are buying these.

Sophie: The factories. It could be a big companies. But that’s, it could be any type of company, people actually lift things up

Philip: Lift up and get the actual thing, as you are saying before as supposed, anyone who got back issues and sorts of stuffs like that, you’ve got the advance system for that

Sophie: We even trained for a nurse, someone who had, who has to make like people bend for instance

Philip: So you got the extra strength to pick someone up.

Sophie: Yes.

Philip: Okay. Right! Brilliant! Cool! Thank you! Thank you! That’s perfect.

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Sophie

from Gobio Robot for his time and the interview.

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