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14 Fulfilling Mobile Platforms

Top 14 Mobile Platforms

Hi guys this is Philip English and welcome to the top 14 Fulfilling mobile robots. This is where I do a roundup of the latest mobile robot platforms fulfillment systems and next generations AGVs.

For this video I’d like to give a shout out to Frank Tobe from the Robot Report who’s given me permission to use his content so I can put this video together.

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Let’s go!


Automatic Guided Vehicles and Mobile Platform Systems

Automatic Guided Vehicles and Mobile Platform Systems are designed to work across multiple environments, DCs warehouses and factories. There are Tudor Systems that can be fitted with specials purpose payloads such as for receiving restocking infantry moving materials from work cells to work cells picking supporting human pickers and packing and palletizing.

Manny vendors provided AGVs carts lifts and tows and it done so for many years. The older version of this system used markings taped beacons and sensors and other things on the floor and ceilings to provide location information.

Newer systems use the latest 3D vision systems collision avoidance and mapping software to easily enable autonomous point to point  navigation. Although vision systems and other technologies have improved since then they’re still not fast enough and flexible enough to replace humans. So instead motions systems attempt to augment humans by reducing what they have to carry and the distance that they have to travel to get the items that were ordered.

Starting the mobile platform systems you’re looking at the MiR100 which is from Mobile Industrial Robots. It’s a start up headed by Thomas Vist who is the VP at Universal Robots.MiR100 is a user friendly and efficient mobile robot for automation of internal transport and logistics solutions. It has 2 scanners and 3D cameras to make sure that it sees people and obstacles and have the carrying capacity of a 100kilos and a total capacity of 300 kilos.

Clear Path Robotics

Clear Path Robotics is offering 2 transporters, one for heavy load of up to  15000 kilograms and others for light loads  for up to 100 kilograms. Both can be fit with carrying carts bin carrier or plane flat plate. And both have intrusive lighting system similar to white headlights in the front and red in rear.

Fulfillment systems

I am robotics

I am Robotics a Pittsburgh startup founded by a couple of CMU grads, is the only vendor that uses a robot arm to grip goods. It 3D scans and identifies items to be picked into a cloud library and then uses a mobile picking robot to go to and pick items, place them in a tote, and then place the completed tote on the nearest conveyor to a packing station.

Locus Robotics

Locus robotics is a Massachusetts based company.  Founded specifically answers by a KIVAsituation by a old KIVA using DC owner. KIVA Situation is where they can no longer purchase KIVA Robots,It uses a fleet of robots integrated into a carrying warehouse management systems to provide robotics platform that carry picked items to the conveyor all to a packing station. Thereby reduce human walking distance and improving overall picking efficiency.

6 River Systems

6 River Systems a Massachusetts startup comprise of Ex-KIVA execs is company on stealth mode. DCS have seen the six river systems and value them highly. 6 rivers just got 6 million dollars financing from a group of VCs including iRobot.

Fetch Robotics

Fetch Robotics a silicon valley starter that uses 2 different robots one to pick and the other to assist worker as they pick by carrying the item and take the completed orders to the shipping station autonomously.


Magazino a German start up has a mobile picking system that is retractable and rotatable column. With a gripping system and a removable shelf. It is able to grasp rectangular objects from small soft covers to shoe boxes and up to heavy cases. The robot stores items in a built-in shelf and delivers it to a shipping station.

Grey Orange

Grey orange is an Indian startup has a system and product lines that’s strikingly similar offering to KIVA  original offering except their robot is square and kiva’s is round.

Grey orange has over 300 employees an it’s robots provide services to the Indian E-Commerce giants Flipkart,Jabong and Mahindra.And has been signed distribution partners in Japan and throughout Asia and the Pacific.

InVia Robotics

InVia Robotics are Southern California Startup with 2 Robots similar to Fetch Robotics except InVia’s method of picking is similar to Magazinos. It grabs items and slides them onto the platform which then slides the items into a bin and, when the order is complete, slides it to an autonomous mobile delivery robot.


Swisslog 96% owned by KUKA AG has 2 divisions, healthcare and material handling. They carry-pick materials handling AGVs quite similar to KIVA System and at the carry-pick lifts and moves shelves to the packing station. It uses four clamp-on devices to lift and move the shelves while KIVA has a single screw on mechanism.


Grenzeback is a family owned group of German industrial automation companies that has previous ventures of both KUKA and Swisslog. It has mobility device that they call “Carry” which can handle different types of shelves moves along the floor reading barcodes that gives the localization and brings the shelf to the picker and packer.

Next we’re moving on to Next generation AGVs.

It’s a vision guided robot. Under low cost slide on and connect like infrared 3D camera systems, new players like Aethon and Seegrid enter market wit a new capabilities. Including be able to autonomously unload containers, vision guided robotic lifts, tugs and platforms.


Time with Aenthon is a Pittsburgh-based provider of autonomous tugs used ins hospitals and factories. Some of their AVGs has been outfitted for secure medication delivery ,and all of their robots are assisted with their Cloud Command Center. A 24/7/365 remote monitoring service to get the tug out on whatever unplanned situation in which it finds itself.


Seegrid also based in Pittsburgh has focus their vision guided kits and lifts on distribution center market place. Seegrid has also partnered with Forklift manufacturer Raymond to integrate the vision guided systems onto Raymond lifts.


Balyo a French manufacturer of handling robots has recently partnered with Linde and Hyster Yale. Integrate and provide their vision guided systems on to forklift trucks and tows manufactured by Linde and Yale.

That’s it guys hope you enjoy the 14 fulfilling robots. I’m your host Philip English and I want to say thank you again Frank Toby from the Robo Reports for letting me use the content.

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