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FLx Ergoskeleton – Technical Details

FLx Ergoskeleton - Technical Details

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we are going through the technical specifications of the FLx Ergoskeleton!

FLx Ergoskeleton Core Features

  • StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device helps protect workers from many back-related injuries and the physical pain that occurs from improper lifting technique, which can lead to fewer instances of costly medical care and rehabilitation for back injuries. Having real benefits for both the workforce and employers, the StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Postural Support Device is a wise investment for many environments where lifting is part of the job.
  • Device is designed to provide feedback to the wearer and helps wearer maintain proper posture and lifting techniques.
  • Promotion of proper lifting techniques helps reduce the risk of back injury.
  • Device can potentially save workers from needless back pain and injury and can potentially save employers from costly back injury-related expenses

FLx Ergoskeleton Technical Benefits

The Posture Feedback System

  • Lifting. As you lift a load, the Posture Feedback System is designed to remind you, by applying pressure against your back, if you move into an improper position. This reminds the user to change their position to reflect the NIOSH and OSHA lifting guidelines. We recommend daily use of the FLx to maintain good posture throughout the workday, as energy and job intensity changes throughout the day.
  • Rotating If you rotate your body beyond recommended guidelines, the Posture Feedback System is designed to remind you by applying pressure to your opposite shoulder and back. This is a reminder to the user that they should change their position to a proper lifting posture.

Load Re-distribution

  • The Ergoskeleton load-shifting technology is designed to help  to reduce certain factors that have been associated with  lumbar back pain. It reduces strain on the  lower back, which can help reduce lower back injuries. Operators are automatically reminded to follow the NIOSH and OSHA lifting guidelines in every lift to promote pivoting, knee bending and better body mechanics every day for safer more energetic and more productive work.

Benefits of FLx Ergoskeleton

  •  12 OSHA lifting guidelines are automatically  enforced in every lift.
  • Up to 41% reduced risk of injury NC State Ergonomic Lab Test.
  • Up to $1,200 saved per  year and employee. Up to 5.5 months payback period OSHA Back Injury Expenses.
  • 93% Approval from users who said it makes them  lift ‘More safely’.

FLx Ergoskeleton – Technical Details YouTube: https://youtu.be/FyWBMz5RocE

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