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FLx Ergoskeleton – See It In Action

FLx Ergoskeleton - See It In Action

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we are seeing the FLx Ergoskeleton in action!

FLx Ergoskeleton

The human body isn’t designed to endure the physical tolls of unnatural postures and repetitive motions of the workforce. So the patented ErgoSkeleton is a wearable, self powered lifting device that combines the core principles of ergonomics and exoskeletons. The ErgoSkeleton products are aimed to improve human productivity, health, and wellness during active work.

Ergonomics, the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment and Exoskeleton, an external skeleton that provides support for the body. Hence, the name Ergoskeleton.

Video Transcript

Put on like normal back- pack , twist to the left and adjust strap, twist the right and do the same.

The FLx is design to keep workers safe and in proper posture. When the user extends beyond the proper ergonomic position the posture feed back systems, enables, and reminds the user to move back in to a safer lifting position. If I bend over like this, straight-away, this pad is pretty much digging into my back and that’s the system there, where in, if I am bending down with my legs, there is no pressure in my back and that’s simply how the device works. So, if you are doing the job day in and day out, it is easy for you to bend over or bend forward and pick stuff up and straight-away I can feel the pressure, so by having this, I am now reminded that I have to bend my leg to pick up what I want to pick up, maybe a box here, for example, I am picking up a box and putting down the box by my legs, If I am bending over, again I can feel the pad digging over my back which is the system that reminds you that you actually have to bend your legs.

The Device works as spotter telling you, if you lift incorrectly.

The goal if the FLx, is to make sure that the user is in proper spinal alignment.

You should not feel any pressure from the pads if you are in the proper position. So the other benefit is when you are actually rotating, so if you are moving something from one position to the next, so if I got my box for example and I’m moving it from this position to behind me, it is easy for me to rotate and put it there but that is the wrong posture and it puts a lot of pressure on you back, so by using the Flx, what it does is it put pressure on my opposite shoulder to show me that I am basically moving the box in the wrong ways. What I should be doing is pivoting on my feet and placing the box down, not twisting over.

Worn daily, this helps the user understand his position and prevents him from getting back injuries.

FLx Ergoskeleton – See It In Action YouTube: https://youtu.be/-MqQo2hb6yo

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