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Fellow Robots Interview

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from Robophil.com and on this video we are doing an Interview with Marco Mascorro the CEO of Fellow Robots and his Retail Robot Oshbot! We managed to speak to Marco at the IREX 2015 Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Fellow Robots is multidisciplinary young team ranging from robotic, software wizards and data scientists to designers and business experts. They have built many platforms including Telepresence robots, humanoid robots, sensors, cloud computing and more cutting edge technology platforms. What distinguishes Fellow Robots is the ability to partner and work shoulder to shoulder with customers to learn how robotics can improve their retail needs and have two robots in their range Oshbot and Navii.

Philip: Hi guys, Philip English again, so we’re here with Fellow Robots and their robot OSBOT and I’m speaking to Marco today whose gonna give us a quick overview. So Marco can you introduce yourself and tell me a little bit more about the robot.

Marco: My name is Marco, I’m Co-founder and CEO of Fellow Robots a company that is based in Silicon Valley, that makes autonomous robotics  for customer service and retail stores. This one over here is OSHBOT, its our retail customer assistant so imagine yourself you walk into the store and a robot comes up to you and say hey what are you looking for. And you talk to the robot, hey I’m looking for paint, I’m looking for hammers. I’m looking for nails and it shows you all the options available in the stores. It actually speak in multiple languages so he can speak English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and you talk to it and it shows up options available in the store, you click the part you are looking for and it takes you by its own of different locations.

Philip: So i can go in the store and i want some bread, I want some cheese I can find the list, hit the button and follow the robot.

Marco: That’s right, you follow the robot and the robot will show you hey here is your item, this is what you’re looking for. we can actually try it out.

OSHBOT: Hi I’m Oshbot I can help you find things in the store. What are you looking for today? You can press the speak button to talk to me or type below.

Marco: So you can speak to it or type in it. It’s a little bit lout but lets give it a try. I’m looking for hammers.

OSHBOT: Please select an item below.

Marco: These are the hammers available in the store. Then lets say I wanna look for this one.

OSHBOT: That item appears to be on aisle 19 would you like me to take you there?

Philip: Very smart very smart.

Marco: It shows you all the information the price the store. You can just click on take me there and when i click on take me there.

Philip: How fast does it move then?

Marco: It can go really fast up to 2 meters per seconds, which is a little bit faster than an average human speed.

Philip: Ok walking speed.

Marco: It has screen at the back for advertisements… base on location. if you’re working on paint section it can give you aspects on paint

Philip: Very smart. so you are saying that you got these on department stores over in the US?

Marco: Yes we got them on a store called Orchard which is in Oslo which is in the US

Philip: How does it map out the store?

Marco: So it has a smart sensor that learns where the things are and where the obstacles and walls are. So we create the map originally when no one is in the store and then the robot learns the map and when its time, its time the robot will learn where the objects are located so the robot know really precise where its locating in  the store.

Philip: I’m guessing it has safety scanner so it wont go on banging to anyone?

Marco: Exactly it has a safety scanners, lasers  so if there’s an obstacle the robot will go around it or if there is a person walking towards it, it will go around the person.

Philip: So at the moment you say its in a US store and its going thru like research development, make sure it works, so process, or is it actually sold to the store?

Marco: It’s already in the store, its actually already a year, we have forwarded it in Silicon Valley.

Philip: I guess you’re going to expand across like many stores now.

Marco: That’s right, thats the plan to go to other market aswell.

Philip: Is it in like Europe yet? in London or

Marco: No, not yet hopefully in a few years.

Philip: Ok right thats a brilliant interview guys, to give you an overview about OSBOT. Thank you for your time.

Marco: Thank you for your time.


Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Marco Mascorro from Fellow Robots , for his time and the interview. If you want to learn more about the Fellow Robots I have put in links below, for your review. Now if you liked this Interview and want to see even more Robot, News, Reviews and Tutorials then please hit the Subscribe button to keep update with the latest videos that come out.

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