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Enova Robotics Interview

Enova Robotics Interview

Hi guys and welcome! I’m Philip English from and on this video we are doing an interview Anis Sabani from Enova Robotics. We managed to speak to Anis at the Innorobo 2016 Robot Exhibition in Paris, France.

Enova Robotics manufactures innovative robots by blending decade-long experience in robotics research with unmatched economic competitiveness due to its unique position as the first robotics startup in Africa.

Philip: Hi guys! Philip English here, at 2016 Innorobo and we’ve got another stand for you. So I will give you an intro into this one. If you could like introduce yourself and then give me like an overview of the company?

Anis: Yeah! So Anis Sahbani, I was a state professor at Associate Professor at Pierre & Marie Curie University until 2014 and I came back to Indonesia to build Enova Robotics start up which is the first company African-Indonesean that build design its own brand of robot.

Philip: So you come from the educational side of thing and then you developed these robots for more of the commercial world? Is that right?

Anis: Yeah! But also for education because our first robot that we put in the market in 2014 is the Mini-Lab Bot, which is dedicated for university and for labs, for teaching and making research on it. It’s a completely open platform in terms of harware and software, so we can, it’s a kind of plug and play platform, you can put many sources and we have human useful, useful human machine interfaces which is easy, in fact, to learn robot and help people and students mainly to learn robotics.

Phili: Okay. You got the education side there. So you got that one, but you also got a security one as well? Is that right?

Anis: Yeah! In fact, the security robot it is developed as the first robot in the world that is for outdoor, for outdoor security, it is like a patrol guard and it is completely autonomous, the first as I’ve said in the world for civil use because you can find ones that are used by the military but this one is for civil use. It is about 150 kilograms.

Philip: Okay. So that’s the weight of the entire robot?

Anis: Right.

Philip: So what kind of robot hold inside of it? Can it carry stuff on top of it as well or?

Anis: Right. In fact, it’s for intrusion detection. So you can find on it 4 infrared camera, 360 degree thermal camera, mircrophone, you can transmit all these information through radio transmission or through 3G/4G transmission, you can find a GPS, so we have just to put points on a map or we can make a little patrol with the robot and we indicate points to them and we have to make its pattern and the robot autonomously compute its trajectory and he can changed it at random, so it make patrols at random.

Philip: How does the robot know where it is, is it through the GPS or has it build a map?

Anis: No. In fact, the robot got GPS information in order to compute tranjectory and it is enquipped also with two laser, one in the front and the other one at the back of the robot and it can avoid obstacles and change its way autonomously also and it has an autonomy of 8 hours.

Philip: 8 hours.

Anis: Right.

Philip: So if someone walk in front of it and it will see someone in there then it wil divert.

Anis: No. It will stand alert because it is for intrusion detection and he cannot go through the person, he will avoid the person and in some situation can track the person also.

Philip: Right! Okay! Sounds like you’ve got a whole hosts of different robot, one for like the education and one for security. So yeah! I’d be interested to keep an eye on you guys and see the next steps. And what is the cost of the security one?

Anis: The security is less than 50,000 Euro.

Philip: Have you had any deployments in Europe.

Anis: We have already deployed some of them here in France and we have contract with big company specializes in security to distribute them in France.

Philp: Okay! Right! Brilliant! I’ll definitely keep an eye on you guys. Brilliant! Thank you very much for your time.

Anis: Welcome. Thank you very much. Please come to Indonesia to see us.

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Anis from Enova Robotics, for his time and  the interview.  

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