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Dyson 360 Eye: Technical Details

Dyson 360 Eye Technical Details

Hi Guys, Philip English from and in this video we are having a look at the quick technical specs for the Dyson 360 Eye Robot!

Dyson 360 Eye: Technical Details

It has been ore than a year since Dyson unveiled its 360 Eye robotic vacuum, and the super-powerful smart device has now gone on sale in the UK & US. It costs a staggering $1,150 or £750 and uses a panoramic camera lens on top of the machine to map its way around the house. It then travels through the home on caterpillar tracks cleaning each room in turn before going back to its docking station. 

The 10 Key Technical features

  1. The panoramic lens’ shape and position gave the robot the ability to see around a room.
  2. It’s live vision cameras capture 30 images a second, to build complete and continuously updated picture of its environment.
  3. The ‘eye’ also features ‘simultaneous localisation’ and mapping software to create a 360˚ view of the room.
  4. The Dyson 360 Eye robot can then identify features within these images to triangulate its position relative to the room, similar to how sailor use stars to navigate boats.
  5. It also detects objects and avoids obstacles ahead using proximity and infrared sensors.
  6. Elsewhere, it features a Dyson digital motor V2 that spins at 78,000RPM generating the highest suction of any robot vacuum.
  7. Its Radial Root Cyclone technology pulls microscopic dust and allergens out of the air and into the bin.
  8. The brush bar, which extends to the full width of the machine, uses patented carbon fibre technology to remove fine dust on hard floors and has stiff nylon bristles to agitate and clean carpets. 
  9. Continuous Tank Tracks maintain speed and keep the robot on a course as it moves across different floor types.
  10. And the Dyson Link app means owners can remotely control the robot vacuum, and schedule cleans

That’s it, guys! I am your host Philip English!

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