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Dyson 360 Eye: How To Set It Up

Dyson 360 Eye How To Set It Up

Hi Guys, Philip English from RoboPhil.com and in this video we are looking at how to set up your Dyson 360 Eye Robot!

How to set up Dyson 360 Eye Robot

To setup your Dyson 360 Eye Robot, the first thing you have to do is get the charging dock

  1. Open the dock fully to 90 (Degree) and place it against the wall.
  2. Plug the charging lead into either side of the dock.
  3. Ensure the dock is powered, indicated by a blue light on the dock.
  4. Tidy any surplus cable by wrapping it around the plug.
  5. Ensure no objects are within approximately a 50cm radius of the dock.

How to charge Dyson 360 Eye Robot

  1. Place the robot on the dock with the clear bin facing the wall.
  2. The battery light, located no the power button will pulsate, turning solid when fully charged.

Preparing the Room

Your robot cleans using powerful suction

  • Remove thin rugs or loose items that may be sucked up, limiting movement.
  • Tidy obstacles such as shoe laces or thin cables that may become entangled in the brush bar.
  • Clean any liquid spills or sharp items that may cause damage to the robot.

Your robot uses infra-red sensors to detect drops

  •  Ensure there is no clutter such as bags or shoes within 10cm of any drops in the room.

Your robot uses a camera to navigate

  •  Provide adequate illumination for the robot to navigate throughout the clean.

How to Start cleaning with Dyson 360 Eye Robot

Press the power button. The robot will begin cleaning all accessible space, recharging at its dock when required.

Get the Dyson Link App

To schedule cleans, view maps of previous cleaning sessions, diagnose faults and automatically update software on your robot, please download the Dyson link app for free on the App store or Google Play.

Dyson 360 Eye: http://www.dyson360eye-robot.com

Dyson 360 Eye: How To Set It Up: https://youtu.be/L8ShFgZBOtk

Philip English: https://philipenglish.com

Sponsor: Robot Center: http://www.robotcenter.co.uk