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Blue Frog Robotics

Blue Frog Robotics

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from Robophil.com and on this video we are doing a quick Interview with Jean-Michel Mourier from Blue Frog Robotics. We managed to speak to Jean-Michel at the Innarobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon. 

Blue Frog Robotics is a French start-up that has developed Buddy!. The Companion Robot Accessible to Everyone. Co-founded by former CRIIF (Robotics lab) Executive Director, Rodolphe Hasselvander. Buddy is a revolutionary robot that assists you in your daily life tasks, lets you stay connected to your loved ones and entertains your kids.

Philip: Can you introduce yourself?

Jean-Michel: Yeah! I’m Jean-Michel Mourier, I work at Blue Frog Robotics as the CTO.

Philip: As a CTO of Blue Frog Robotics. So what’s the name of this cute, cute fellow?

Jean-Michel: He’s name is Buddy, easy to remember in english and for me to feel what the robot is made for. That’s a companion robot so it’s logical to call it Buddy.

Philip: That makes sense, make sense. So introduce 1 robot that you guys make in the moment

Jean-Michel: Right now we have some prototypes, so we are showing 2 today for the Innorobo. We also have some few, few robots at the office. As we are reaching the campaign next week many robots will be available.

Philip: Really?

Jean-Michel: Yeah!

Philip: Okay. So that second robot, what’s that one called?

Jean-Michel: Second robot?

Philip: So you got Buddy robot and the another one?

Jean-Michel: Sorry. Projects or robots?

Philip: So you got 2 projects and the second project?

Jean-Michel: Yes. We have a lot of projects, but for more long time. That’s robot is this size but people are not for of that for the moment

Philip: So is that similar with the Romeo robot or is it going to have wheels?

Jean-Michel: Yeah but without legs. Because you know how hard is it and you know that robot with legs make it way more expensive and that’s a problem, at Blue Frog we try to make robots affordable, people having robot at home. So that’s why we make these robot with price of smartphones and we are trying later, this one, another robot, that’s affordable, that’s important today, many robots are too expensive and are not ready to go home.

Philip: I have heard them before, if you put legs on the robot then obviously it is a lot more expensive but if it has wheels, it moves in a flat surface nice and easy.

Jean-Michel: That’s the limitation, that’s why.

Philip: So see that’s Buddy the robot. So what can you do with the robot?

Jean-Michel: Buddy is a companion robot that can do many thing. First as a companion he would be at your place and you can ask him question, you can ask him to good music. Once you, who use him, you can interact with him in many ways, you can talk to him, show him staff, you can touch his face because it’s a touch screen, you can interact via bluetooth or wifi and also when you are not at home you can control it remotely, you can see what’s happening in you place, the robot can send you information if there are intruders and fire.

Philip: Ah. Okay. So that’s the security thing meant really.

Jean-Michel: Exactly. Security, entertainment, comfort, help, if some people needs help for example library, sometimes the robot can be used for, or even education.

Philip: Yeah! That’s it. So is there a whole host of application that you guys got or is it something you are working on or developing

Jean-Michel: We are working on mini-application, we already have some, we are testing right now, for example, there is one for education, we are testing them for altitude, also in class, we have a remote control with video, we also trying them right now, at some people’s place and that’s pretty good.

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Jean-Michel from Blue Frog Robotics for his time and  the interview.

If you want to learn more Blue Frog Robotics, I have put links below.

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