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Beam Plus and Beam Pro By Orange

Beam Plus and Beam Pro By Orange

Hi, guys! Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we have an interview with the guys from Orange, who are telling us about their Beam Plus and Beam Pro.


Philip English: Hi guys, Philip English 2016, interobo, And we’re here with Orange. Who have brought out what looks like a new telepresence robot. So I’m going to get this gentleman here introduce himself and tell us a little bit more about what Orange are up to.

Hi, Orange is going to have the beam in their stores, beginning of September and they will place some beams in the main stores in France. Selling them on the internet as well. and the main goal is to improve the telepresence in France.

Philip English: Okay that makes sense, so obviously you are looking to sell it to end user consumers, so people in their homes is the main market.

not in the beginning,

Philip English: Okay

The idea is to work with professionals that have offices dislocated from the head quarters, to make easier meetings, face to face interviews, and the beam will be there because one of the two people can’t be physically there

Philip English: Yeah, no that makes sense and obviously the business market is probably the best to go for, so you can have it a business sale sort of thing. I mean so obviously I understand that orange is a french company but the actual product is from america, is that right

yes, our robot is a french company who is importing the product, okay and we signed an agreement with Orange the commission an agreement and the product is american made by suitable in California, they are based in Palo Alto and they are our partner in this case.

Philip English: Can you give us a bit more spec around the actual product so like how many hours, like does it last is there a special software to actually use the robot.

You don’t need any special software, you have to download the app on your computer okay and you just need a webcam on your laptop, that’s on the side of the one who is beaming, that’s the new word: Beam

Philip English: Beam, sends it out.

What are you doing? I’m Beaming So that’s the new word So you download the app, you just have a list of beams dedicated to you. as soon as you have this list you can beam and then visit someone who has the beam physically in his place.

Philip English: Is it quite easy to control the robot?

Just use your keyboard, that’s it or maybe the mouse, but the keyboard is okay as well

Philip English: okay yeah it makes sense, I mean it looks like a good product I mean I can see you have got two here, a smaller one and a bigger one

This one is called beam plus, this one is called beam pro

Philip English: Beam plus, Beam pro

yeah, Eight hours autonomy, 2 hours autonomy He can do roaming to wifi to another wifi, this one cannot, The screen is a big bigger and it goes a bit quicker than the other one

Philip English: This is more for conferences I suppose and big exhibitions and this is for more for smaller businesses

Exactly, this is the way we use them today.

Philip English: Okay, that brilliant, I mean that’s a great overview of the product and we’ll keep an eye on you guys to see how you guys develop and see how things go

Thank you very much

Philip English: Thank you very much

Beam: https://www.suitabletech.com

Beam YouTube: https://youtu.be/6BwqJ-Ztduw

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