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BA Systemes Interview

BA Systemes Interview - Angelique Rousse

Hi guys! I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing an interview with Angelique Roussel from BA Systems. We manage to speak to Angelique Innorobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon.

BA System is a key player in the field of robotics in Europe, it is recognized for its know-how and entry logistics, designing, and implementing Automated Guided Vehicles or AGV. One of their products is a robot design for rehabilitation of patients with neurological walking disabilities, including mobile-base, enabling the patients to move freely and brain optimize therapy.

Hi guys! I am Philip English, so we are looking at more of the biggest side of robotics at the moment, host of the different products of their robotic poll, so I just got a lady here who’s going to introduce her self and give us a brief interview about her company.

Angelique: Hi! My name is Angelique Roussel, so I’m a Communication Manager for BA System, so we are working on AGV basically, so our main activities is providing AGV system to any factories like cosmetics and we are here attending Innorobo in France to present our innovation because one of the part of the company is about doing some new robotics things, so one of them is Robocar so its a medical robot and it’s a robot to apply to rehabilitation, so what we are working is a robot that helps patients to relearn how to walk after a stroke.

Philip: Yes that is it, actually guys, we’ll play you a quick video as we were making this video, so the idea of this robot you are making is obviously to help people get back on their feet, get used to walking again, get used to using their muscles again, as much as for all age groups, so it got a big robot, so I’m guessing everyone from about sixteen years old and up and toddlers body you know and at an average sort of age group. Is this still in a prototype stage at the moment, is that right or?

Angelique: Yeah! For the moment, it’s just like test robot so it’s going to be next month and two hospitals in Britain and doctors going to try it to be sure that it’s okay for patients and also to doctors need it for rehabilitation.

Philip: I mean as the guys who intends to watch, see this videos you have to go through, motion robots you have to go through a lot of approvals, marks, especially in the medical industry approve, so the doctor have to see it and check out if it’s working and so motion robots go through that and I’m guessing that the AGV has to go through the same protocols or something.

Angelique: No. It is much easier to go to AGV because it’s medical then we have to go back to go on the several approval, to go to hospitals and one of them is going to work on the discovery which is the one from what we did before. I guess this one is a little bit easier because it is not in the surgery room or anything with more like working in the hole or outside the hospital, so it is more like para-medicine.

Philip: Alright! For you guys, I will give you an overview or picture of each of the robots that BA Systems actually make and how long has the company have been running for?

Angelique: Forty years, we celebrate the forty years like three weeks ago, we are actually running AGV since 1982 and innovation for 10 years or so.

Philip: Okay. Well, congratulation for your forty years and thanks very much for the overview and interview.

Angelique: Thank you very much!

Brilliant! Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy the interview and I want to say big thank you to Angelique Roussel from BA Systems.

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