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Axyn Interview

AXYN Robotique Interview - Aurelien Bisotti

Hi Guys and welcome, I am Philip English from and on this video we are doing a quick Interview with Aurelien Bisotti from Axyn Robotics. We managed to speak to Aurelien at the Innorobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon.

Axyn Robotics is a startup specialising in robotics and designs robots for assisting people with disabilities. It’s ambition is to create robots with real value of use and Axyn works in partnership with doctors and occupational therapists.

Philip: Right! Hi Guys! I’m Philip English and we are here and we are looking at a telepresence robot called Ubyx, So could you introduce yourself and tell me a little more about the robot.

Aurelien: So the company was founded in September last year, so we developed this robot, Ubyx. I personally, I didn’t developed it, I am in business but for the principle of the robot is that we connect it from the internet to the robot that could be anywhere in the world as soon as it has access to internet, so we can see, like on Skype, we can see and hear what the robot see and we can observed, make a move, so we have a laptop, tablet or smartphone, we can take control of the robot from the smartphone and make it move anywhere, as soon as, the limit is the stairs, of course, because it cannot go upstairs.

Philip: Okay. So I can see it got an iPad mini on here, so can you have any sort of iPads or?

Aurelien: Actually, its only pads on Android, we will come later this year with iOS, but actually, Microsoft OS, we don’t use it, except if someone request for it.  But it is an open source, anybody can take the software and modify it, so we don’t have a particular SDK, this is a toolkit developer, anybody can take our app and modify it, for example if you want to add Microsoft kinect or whatever kind of camera or sensor you want, you can just connect it to the button and make an interface with the app or the website.

Philip: Okay. So it sounds like it got a lots of future improvement, so if you want to put a certain sensor, you can add on maybe motion sensor or so, especially, telepresence robot, you can add different feature to it, more of a unique. Okay, we are just talking a minute ago about the next step, the next feature, can you run me through, like, the next sort level for this?

Aurelien: What we want to developed, what we want to sell with the robot is, first, bigouos, actually it can go through many flaws but there are some problesm, so we have to make bigouos. The second improvement we want to make is the robot autonomously go back to its charging base, so as soon as we stop the call, the robot go back to its charging base and the final thing we want to add, is to make the tab move, because you can be for example in a museum and there is something to see the on top, you can, so it is more easy to discuss with somebody with because everybody is not same size of course. That’s all. For now we are working on this.

Philip: Is there a time scale? Like 6 months or a year?

Aurelien: For this improvements, while we are working on new version, the first one should be about 3 months and by the end of the year, we hope to finish this, this version is already available for sale so you can already try things and try to do your own improvement if we don’t do it.

Philip: Okay. Makes sense. So does it comes with a kit then? So it comes as a kit format and then you have to build it?

Aurelien: It comes actually as kit while its quite easy to mount, more easy than the Ikea, quiet easy. So you can add your own tablet, no problem, or we can sell it with, that’s whatever you want.

Philip: Basically you can buy it on a box, build it on, and put your own tablet. Sounds good.

Aurelien: By the end of the year, the version we will do will be a finished product, so it will not be meant like this one to be build or to add stuff, that’s why this version is really for makers, for companies that want to try new things, that want to expiriment, add new things and then by the end of the year, we have final, standard version.

Philip: Okay! I mean looks like a brilliant product! So this one is 990 Euro, is that right?

Aurelien: That’s right but that is without the tablet.

Philip: Okay that’s fair enough. Okay. That’s a brilliant overview.

Brilliant Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Aurelien from Axyn Robotics for his time and  the interview.

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