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Any Walker Interview

Hi, guys! Philip English from RoboPhil.com and today we have an interview with the guys from AnyWalker, who are telling us about their robots.

Philip: Hi, guys! Innorobo 2016, Philip English and we are here with some guys from an institute and they do research around robotics. So can you guys introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about the robot that you guys are currently developing.

Simon: My name is Simon.

Igor: My name is Igor.

Simon: We are from Russia from Kuban State University from Laboratory of Robotics
of the Kuban State University. So we introduce the project AnyWalker. Our goal is to build a robot chassis which can move in a human adopted environment, so in multi-level buildings, urban environments, some rock terrain. So we will give the robotics developers our chassis, they will build their own applied solutions on the base of our robot. Our unique feature is the system stabilization which is built into the board, it stabilizes the constructions with the flywheels and it can be built into the robots of, maybe, at the design into their transport land, aerial or water transport or in stationary constructions like cranes to stabilize themselves. So our platform has many many zones of aesthetical stability and dynamic stability. So we want to solve the problem of walking and give our product to the community and our goal in this year is to bring to the market their educational product, their educational course for the major semester to teach, to study, robotics theory of control, cybernetics, electronics, base on this chassis.

Philip: Right! Okay. Now, it makes sense. So how long do you think it would take you to produce the fully working product.

Simon: Therefore, 100% functionality, engineering, prototype, we’ll be done in about a 3 months.

Philip: Say 3 months and then you’ll have a platform that people can buy and then, they can add their own like devices on top of it.

Simon: Yes. We, robotic engineers, can add their own sensors, for example, cameras. They can program movements. They can build in speech indicators, recognitions or face recognitions or sensors they want. We provide them their working platform. They don’t need to program these complex things.

Philip: Okay. That’s fair enough. Okay. So like how long did it take for you guys to actually like develop this product, has it been gone for few years or it has been a product you’ve already been working on for the last 3 months?

Igor: This product for research and develop.

Philip: Is it a group of people or is just you two guys working on this robot or is there more people involved?

Igor: I am head of the Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics and we have 5 teen workers, so about 15.

Philip: Okay. Are you working on other robots as well?

Igor: In our laboratory, it has 10 projects. Projects for agriculture, energy, and service robotics.

Philip: So as a group, you are working on different robots, but you’ve only brought this one here to actually show it. Okay! That’s sounds good. What will I do is put links so everyone can find out more information about your robot and the things you are working on. So, thank you very much for you time.

Simon: Thank you!

Igor: Thank you very much!

Brilliant, guys! I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Simon and Igor from AnyWalker for their time.

AnyWalker YouTube: https://youtu.be/VWqnsvf6i3g

Philip English: https://philipenglish.com

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