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Aldebaran NAO Tutorial Video 1 “Say”

Aldebaran NAO Tutorial Video 1 Say

Hi Ya, and on this video we are going to get your NAO Robot to speak, so if you want your NAO Robot to say its first words then stay tuned!

Hi guys, I’m Philip English. Now on this video we are going to go through the very first steps to get you Aldebaran NAO Robot to say it’s very first words.

So weather you use this to do some basic speech or do a Shakespeare script it is up to you.

Right jumping straight into it guys, we are in choreograph and we have our NAO Robot on the right hand side, but this is just the 3D one. What we want is our own NAO, so we click the little left hand green wireless little icon and we bring in Philip the robot.

There he is sitting down he is on the floor, what we want to do is we will quickly do a quick manual check to make sure he is connected. So I am just going to wiggle is arm around, there we go, just to make sure he is fully connected and I have control of Philip the robot.

So what we want to do, jumping straight in to the exercise, we want to get him to say something, we are going to get him to say hello.

  • Go to the left hand side
  • Click the box library (Inside the box library there is a whole host of folders and in these folders there are ready made behaviours.)
  • Go to the Audio
  • Go to the Voice
  • Choose the SAY behaviour
  • Drag the SAY behaviour into the main box

Now what we want to do is connect that to the robot

  • Drag the noodle to the SAY box (So we are connected to the robot)
  • Hit the play button

We will get a simple “Hello” from the NAO and you can see it on the screen, on the right hand side, it actual comes up.

Now we want to do a little bit more interesting here

  • Double click the SAY box (You will get access to the higher commands)
  • Type “Hello Philip” (So we are actually getting him to say his own name.)
  • Hit the play button

We will see that it comes up on the right hand side, Hello Philip, so we know it is working and connected.

Now what I want to do is that we want to have a play with the actual voice controls to see if we can get him to speak faster or slower, or maybe a different pitch. The way you do that:

  • Hit the route file (Which drags you back in to the main folder)
  • Click the config button on the bottom left of the SAY box (This will get you access to the parameters.)
  • On the voice shaping and speed, put the shape and speed down

Now he is going to sound slightly strange but again he will still say the same words, so I will let you guys have fun with that, to see what you new types of voices, that you can have for your NAO.

Now we have this new speech for the NAO, I am just going to put my one back to normal, so back to 100, but keep yours the same if you, if you have got some good noises from him.

Now obviously he is saying ghelloh, but we want he to do a bit of motion now. So just to follow on from this,

  • Go back into the left hand side
  • Go to Motions
  • Select Animations
  • Choose Behaviour
  • Drag the folder
  • Connect the noodle
  • Hit Play

The Robot will not only say eHellof but will also get some movement from you Robot. If you are connected to your real life Robot, you will get him waving his hands.

Now again, we have left this as two separate boxes and they are connected with two separate noodles. So they are not connected with one after the other, because we want him to say hello and wave at the same time.

Well thatfs it guys, you have learnt to do you first words from your Aldebaran NAO Robot, so again you can use those to do a basic words or building you own master peace script.

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I will see you next time.

Hope you enjoyed the blog!

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