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Aldebaran NAO Robot Product Review

Aldebaran NAO Robot Review

Welcome! and on this video, we are doing a product review for the Aldebaran NAO robot.

So if you want to see how this little fellow is  changing the way the schools are teaching children about robotics, then stay tuned.

Hi guys. I’m Philip English from robophil.com. Now on this video we are looking into the Aldebaran NAO robot. The NAO robot comes from a company called Aldebaran. It was founded out back in 2005.

The company has about 450 employees and 40% of the employees are research and development.

There’s five offices around the world for Aldebaran, including Boston, Los Angeles and Paris. There’s over 6,000 NAOs around the world now in 60 different countries and it is the worldwide leader in humanoid robotics.

The main use of the NAO robots is in schools, colleges and universities for education talks.

The purpose of the NAO is to motivate students, improve learning effectiveness, and teaching a job creating field.

Aldebaran has already produced two other robots. One called Romeo, and the other one called Pepper. So you can see how quickly the robot industry is progressing.


So to give you a physical overview of the NAO,


He’s got 25 degrees of freedom,

Smooth and precise coreless motors controlled by the software,

and complex movement capabilities.


For his sensors,


He’s got 2 HD cameras,

4 microphones,

8 force sensitive resistors,


Internals sensors,


2 bumpers and 2 sonars.

For his interactions,

He has 2 loudspeakers,

Multiple LEDs,

Tactile sensors,

Prehensile hands,

Infrared sensors and

wifi connectivity.


For the thinking part of NAO, or his brain, He’s got an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz CPU, 1 Gigabytes worth of ram, 8 Gigabytes flash memory and it come with a complete software suite.

The reason why NAO is the most worldwide used humanoid robot is that it is fully and easily programmable, autonomous and interactive, affordable, compatible with all the standards to Multi-Languages, C++, Python, Matlab, Java and Labview, and it is also very robust.


Now as I have discussed already, NAO is mainly used in education for teaching kids about their computer science, their IT, their mechatronics, their electronics, their engineering. But there are other areas where NAO can be useful.

In the human assistive side, we have got a complete autistic program for NAO and even on the elderly side for people with alzheimer’s.

There is the surveillance side of NAO, so obviously he can monitor people, he can do home care.

And obviously the entertainment side, where we have all seen already, where he does some dance and he use that for shows and games and even some hotels.


The NAO comes with a complete software suite with four different applications. Starting with Choreograph, which is the learning part, similar to scratch with a simple drag and drop program so you can actually get the child learn how to control the robot.

Monitor, is accessed through the NAO’s data for his motors, so we can see what is going on internally on the NAO.

Comes with 3d Simulator, so you can have a 3d NAO wondering around the room.

And obviously the software development kit, for all your programming needs.

One of the personal services you get with NAO is that you get lots of educational contents out there that has come out. You get user training, so when you first get your NAO. There is a massive community of NAO users so they can help you out with different codes and you can team up in a group and produce a certain program. And there’s lots of support and maintenance.

The NAO is used in many different sides of educational establishments. So we’ve got primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. And even a few nurseries are starting to take on NAO and there obviously other research platforms that NAO is getting used for.

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