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Aibo Robot By Sony Product Review

Aibo Robot By Sony

Welcome, and on this video we are doing product review for the Aibo Robot by Sony! So if you want to see how the little domestic dog like robot has been entertaining their owns, then please stay tuned!

Hi Guys, I’m Philip English from, now on this video we are looking at the Sony, Aibo Robot Pet!

The word AIBO comes from Artificial Intelligence roBOt and is also the Japanese word for ‘Companion’ or ‘Friend’. They were first introduced in 1999 and were the first consumer robot of its kind to be offered to the public. The AIBO is able to develop from a newborn puppy to an adult with a personality shaped by the interaction with their owners and surroundings. However, they were never intended to be mass produced, having started
life in 1993 as a research project.

The original AIBO model presented to the public was ready by May 1999. An initial 5,000 ERS-110 models were put on sale in Japan and the US. The response was overwhelming and 3,000 robots were sold in under 20 minutes in Japan along with another 2,000 over four days in the US. The European launch took place on 26 October 1999 and at this event, SONY announced a new special edition model (ERS-111) for November 1999 targeting Europe, Japan and the US. This time, 10,000 models were to be put on sale for a period of one week.

Once again, all expectations were crushed. During that single week, SONY recorded 135,000 orders. The main reason behind offering such limited numbers was to keep a close contact with customers to favour feedback
and help further develop the performance of AIBO.

The initial ERS-110 AIBO’s hardware includes a 64-bit RISC processor, 16 megabytes of RAM, sensors (touch, camera, range-finder, microphone, acceleration, angular velocity), a speaker and actuators (legs, neck, mouth,
tail).[22] As the series developed, more sensors and actuators were added.

Wi-Fi was available as an add on for some second-generation AIBOs. The third and final family of AIBOs, the ERS-7s, have multiple head and body sensors, clicking ear actuators, a chest-mounted proximity sensor, expressive “Illume-Face” and Wi-Fi.

All AIBOs were bundled with accessories including a charging station and pink ball toy. Late model ERS7’s were bundled with a pink AIBone bone- shaped toy, playing cards and a charging station with pole and marker mat
for autonomous docking.

So run through the models:

Sony Aibo ERS-110 :- Year 1999 – 2001 (The Beginning)

The first commercial AIBO. With a beagle-like appearance. AIBO is capable of four-legged locomotion and can also perform other complex movements using its mouth, tail, and head. Aibo incorporates various sensors and autonomous programs that enable it to behave like a living creature, reacting to external stimuli and acting on its own judgement.

Sony Aibo ERS-210:- Year 2001 – 2003 ( Highest Selling)

Following on from the sale of the first ever autonomous entertainment robot AIBO ERS-110, Sony now introduce a 2nd Generation “AIBO” ERS-210 that has a greater ability to express emotion for more intimate communication with people. The new AIBO has additional movement in both ears and an increased number of LED (face x 4, tail x 2) and touch sensors (head, chin, back) which means that it can show an abundant array of emotions such as “joy” and “anger”. In order to increase interaction with people, the ERS-210 series most distinctive feature, its autonomous robot technology that allows AIBO to learn and mature, has been enhanced. It will now include features frequently requested by AIBO owners such as a Name Recording Function (recognizes its own name). Voice Recognition (recognizes simple words) and Photo Taking.

ERS-311 Latte / ERS-312 Macaron:- Year 2001 – 2003 (Latte & Macron)

The Aibo ERS-311 or LATTE was introduced on September 22nd 2001. The LATTE is a cheaper version of the AIBO and does not have wireless capabilities.

The 311 is also refereed to as an LM series robot. The 311 is available only in white. The sensors on the 311 are the tail and the movement of AIBO’s head, up for scolding or down for praise. The light on the top of AIBO’s head is for interpreting his/her mood. There are also sensors on each paw. The Aibo ERS-312 “Macaron” was released a year after the original ERS-311 which was then available in black; 2001

Sony Aibo ERS-7:- Year 2001 – 2005 (The sophisticated one)

Extraordinarily skilful, AIBO is able to connect wirelessly with other electronic devices, transferring photos, sound fi les and messages. Through sharing your memories, learning your likes, getting to know your environment, it will become in every way a truly unique individual. Entertaining and comforting you when you’re glad, sad or angry, reflecting a wide range of emotions through its lively LED-illuminated face, AIBO will become, in fact, your best friend. With its smooth allure and wit, AIBO will easily become a great companion and entertainer. Throw a bone, and it will fetch it for you. The same with a ball, AIBO will gladly play with it. Tell your AIBO what you want it to do,
either with your voice or by using the convenient instruction cards.

Thanks Guys, I hope you enjoyed the overview of the Aibo Robot, by Sony!

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